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There can definitely be damage to a brand if a strong presence (or no presence at all) is not found on social media platforms. That is, as long as the platform is relevant to where the brand would find potential customers. With something as new as Google+, it will be a little while yet before the amount of followers will come in to play, but with more established platforms like Facebook it's no longer "socially" acceptable to have a weak follower base. Launching key promotions throughout the year to generate not only leads but followers is one tactic that we teach our clients to do in order to help them maintain a strong brand image online.

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Like any new platform, the masses will be slow to adopt. The real benefit of a social network will be seen once the general public acknowledges the real value. The question now is - will Google+ be good enough to replace Facebook?

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@HHamming, thanks for the update! Remember that if for whatever reason you do not want to replace all the object tags, you can gather all maps by a unique class rather than an id.

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Thanks! We'll be doing a follow up post to this one at the end of next week and we will definitely incorporate that info.

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I second that. In the past I've had some bad experiences with customer service reps, but there's that chance you get the diamond in the rough who is willing work with you, know that you're trying to find a resolution, not a conflict.

I don't think most custom service reps are out to be rude, but if you had to deal with unruly and upset people all day, you might end up with a little chip-on-the-shoulder and some unsuspecting customer gets the brunt of their frustration.

And as of late AT&T has had GREAT service and has helped me save money on my plans where I didn't know I could have been saving.

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Happy to help! If you're looking for some good resources for the time being, check out Mary's site (she commented above) and Gregory Smart ( Lots of good content to learn from!

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The way we have it set up is 2 Templates with all the HTML with parts of it in chunks (hard to explain without showing). Then there's options to use CSS to change up layouts based on the page your own or if it's the home page or sub pages.

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Thanks for stopping by Justin. Yes, Twitter is maturing in that less people are jumping on it because it's the new 'it' thing and are using it as a tool to monitor and promote brands.

As for social bookmarking, my preference is still the old fashion 'Bookmark this page'. I still do this because I'm really picky about what I bookmark, seems so permanent to me, you know? I used Delicious and Magnolia for awhile but it was one more thing to log into. I might give them another go though.

What's your take on social bookmarking?

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Thanks for checking! We currently have 3 screencasts and I will be adding more in the coming weeks. Keep checking back with us!

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Thanks for stopping by Sheena! Pop Labs has a lot of caring people :) Let us know if we can be of any help to the Blood Center!