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In California, a tea party in plesenton, ca was a candidate for the assembly. He is the real deal conservative. He needs a lot of support please check him out at
I spoke with him for about 30 minutes one on one. He FULLY understands the commerce clause of the constitution and understands all the principles of the declaration of independence and the roll it plays when interpreting the constitution
his democrat rival is out raising him since he does not have a "soros" ATM machine. If you can checkout his website and donate if you like his solid conservative agendas. Thank you. His facebook page is;

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Sorry guys. I work for an electrical company and part of a union IBEW (the union that tossed eggs at the Tea Party Express bus) the union confiscates 92 dollars a month from my family's income so they can engage in this bullsh*t. I wish I can reject paying the dues but I would lose my job if I did.
However there are I am ASHAMED of IBEW for this, hosands there are thousands of tea party members in my company and they will take part in the upcomming elections

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I am personally discusted at the direction "some members" of vent has gone, I have been here since day one and fir the most part ok with this site but having people tear down people they hve not even met, heard what people have to say, not even offering an open mind!!! "some
of the people just rant on people just because of something they did without offering someone a chance to explain themselves or a chance of redemption. Judging charactor without even hearing someone out is a pathetic mindset. I have had enough of vent to be honest and this will be my
last post here! *pointing specificly @ "right to bear arms" and "gladimamerican"

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To quick to judge behavior and unable to judge charctor

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I just watched Hannity and "Kristin Davis" interview and I have to say, I really like her. Honest up front, Confident, Libertarian streak, wants Government out of the business of controlling business. I pretty much liked her whole interview without question. We will see, how she does in the future but I will be following her closely. she is a breath of fresh air! """"""SO FAR""""""

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I watch and listen everyday and never heard him say that, he did say he wants a full debate in the matter. As for the birthers, he clearly pointed at Hillary Clinton supporter that filed the first law suit and yes, I am skeptical of his birthplace but until I have hard facts, it is pointless (as an individual) to persue. I do hope that some of the groups filing lawsuits get some answers.

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75 reasons to be skeptical of "Man Made Global Warming"

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CBS holding an Online Poll over Various topics. Time TO vote and pass it on after!!!!

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Check it out. as for Obama trying to fix what he is hell bent on destroying, your voice can now be heard LOUDLY
CBS hoding an online poll VOTE and pass it on

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I just found this poll and was about to add it lol. You are 3 hours ahead of me :-)