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Frosty is still best ka- *brick'd*


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#1 dat Pinkie Pi

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Dat Glucagon ticket raffle: Denied!

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Life and Time of a horse.
A very pretty flying horse.

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Bleh, you guys should just be glad you're not studying linguistics or anything else involving C-Structures of sentences or writing Grammar rule sets for automatic sentence parsing.
Grammar ße real srs ßizniss!

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"a"by don't hurt me
don't hurt me
no more

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and we love you too!
Yelling at each other is fun!

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I'm not saying that. I'm just saying, it might be misdirected venting.
If brony X gets yelled at for having opinion on A, perhaps the guy yelling at them was treated badly for his opinion on A, but by someone completely different than brony X. An unfortunate matter of miscommunication and circumstance.

I draw the line when bronies talk disrespectfully to staff and plead that they "fight Hasbro's influence" or some nonsense like that.
It's one thing to verbally attack fellow bronies as "hasdrones". But biting the feeding hand, that's a special kind of full of oneself.
Especially DHX. They try to satisfy us, the periphery demographic and then get snapped at like that. Not that targeting Hasbro with such behavior is much better, either.
I can't respect those people. While not everybody who dislikes FiM's post-S2 direction behaves like that, I can't shake the prejudice I have against them after reading positively vitriolic posts and hostile forum replies to staffers... can't blame the latter if they decide to avoid brony sites.

My general view on season 3 drama is, please please please, don't let this reach Indoctrination Theory-level fan-circlejerking.

But despite it all, I refuse to "leave the fandom" because of that. I might dissociate from rabid Twilicorn haters/people who insist a certain grey pegasus be named "Derpy" or "Ditzy"/Religious "There can only be 2 alicorns because alicorns are epic deities" etc, but I won't stop considering myself a brony, or part of the community, even with its faults and infighting.
Or because of the (sigh) "dark side of the fandom" (shakin' in mah boots there, consarn' it!).

I mean, come on, just a coupla more months til S4, the "original bronies" managed to hold on between S1 and S2, we can do this!

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well... if people weren't so smug, arrogant, and would stop considering themselves better than the rest simply because "oooh we have high standards" and call those who just wanna enjoy the cartoon "hasdrones" or, see a wonderful case in point above, "gullible tasteless manchildren" they could legitimately complain about hostile reactions to their attitude.

Sorry to those who, despite disliking the show's current direction, catch flak for it despite respectfully treat bronies who don't feel the need to constantly slam hasbro and harrass the show staff about Twilicorn/"meddling", but we're tired of being badmouthed like that.