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indian homemaker


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Welcome to the neighbourhood Bones :)
I hope I am the first one to welcome you!!

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I don't think opinion polls are accurate at all... even if everything else was perfect there is no telling whether the sample respondents answered honestly and seriously, and whether they will vote!!

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WOW!! have I come to the wrong blog??? This looks gorgeous :))))

Bones I have moved to Wordpress : ) These blogrolls are not updating... I have written three or four posts after the one showing here :(
Anyway I came to invite you participate in a fun contest,
Please Guess and Win the 55 Words Fiction Correct Guess Award
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Unless it has some positive meaning in their culture .............not funny.

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I say Maths has always been Sanskrit to me :)

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All I understand is that when we want victory more than we want peace we get nowhere.
Sad video ...

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love this list ....:)
Elvis Costello, Funky Town, Abracadabra, ONJ, The Bangles ...Walk like an Egyptian, Take a look at me now ... Philcollins, wham ...
and do you remember Patridge family's :'I think I love you'? And Yvonee Aillmann?
Bryan Adams - my husband's fav.

We used to make our 'In The groove' lists, (5 to 8 'number') I wonder if you know if this radio proggramme at 8 05 PM every weekday ?
We made lists of songs we would play if we presented it, I had auditioned at AIR, but didn't get a call (generally random students presented it) ...this lovely post brought back fun memories .. . won't bore you anymore!! Thanks for this lovely post.
We also didn't watch Hindi movies then (but love them today).. .

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I first went 'online' in ...1998-99, couldn't do much because we only had my husband's office laptop and didn't have internet access, barely got to check email ... (and still crib about it).
Only in 2001 did we buy our first computer and a frustratingly slow connection... now everybody has their own comps and unlimited access, but I value it because I have seen how bad it can be to be without the WWW :)

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All those who have a voice must be shut up with the tag of not being real Indians, all those who can be kept silent are allowed to be Indians, I saw the same card being played during the candle lighting on Gate Way of India, (Naqwi tried to divide Indians into lipstick applying Indians and non lipstick applying Indians) - it would be amusing if it wasn't so outrageous.

Again during the PCC campaign we heard murmurs of how Pubgoing Indian women not being aware of real Indian women's issues, I blogged about these divisive tactics then too.

And now when some CDs are to be defended in the name of saving our religion (although the CDs are docotored, they still must be defended!) once again we hear the same raga, and the amusing thing is those who tell us we are not real Indians are often saying this in English. Or at least will willingly send their children to good English medium schools...
hey Bones sorry for the long rant, I feel strongly about this.
Like RK says above,
If you are an awake Indian
You are a fake Indian :(

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Lots of information here Bones! Agree with everybody here ... I had no idea about this preamble, though there's no doubt that religion has been used for power throughout history and till today, it has been used to unite and divide both. Another Gem, I second hat award you have got :)

Pakistan looks bleak and whatever happens there is sure to affect us too...