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new zelda = yay
train thing = ?
sd card = totally awesome
squae enix = cool
special sd menu = fine
wii balance board beat ps3 = i hate sony

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Hey. I semi-agree with you. I loved Rob, but he left. We can't change that. (Speaking of Rob, does anyone know why his blog is locked?) The staff is trying their best, and you've got to remember, the Wiire does not make announcements. The Wiire gives you announcements. Only Nintendo can make them.

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That sounds really cool, but who would code it? Does anyone on the Wiire team even own a Mac? Ian is an Apple fanboy, but he only owns an iPhone, I think. If I had more free time, I would code it. I just got two new books, "Core Animation for Mac OS X and iPhone" and "Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the SDK." Also, it costs $99 dollars to even get your application on the phone (not sure for free apps - will check). If Andrew or someone spent the time, they could develop a "Web App," which looks like an iPhone application, but it hosted online. I think that would be a nice option. There are some very nice web apps out there.

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You're allowed to use your iPod/MP3 players at lunch? What grade are you in? We get ours taken away from us like we're three years old.

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I'm so glad that someone is thinking. It was the "buzzword" mentality that gave Wii shovelware. Everyone wanted to implement motion controls, so they threw it in even though having it made no difference. I mean, the games barely had ideas behind them!

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This game sounds super cool. The shot of the enemies looks really cool, too, and I love the art direction they've taken. It makes me feel 'Wowed.'

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Um, Ian, that would be 1.25 x 10² if you're going to use scientific notation. P.S. I love LIT. The girlfriend could have used some more sayings.

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There will always be crappy games. One reason is that crappy can be defined as not as good as other games. Another reason is that there are always greedy people out to pick up a quick buck. You see it all the time, in history books and in the economy today. Everyone takes advantage of anyone else. My law.

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I think that he had issues with his parents. He most likely thought that his parents didn't understand him.