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Hey luck duck, if there's anything we can help with in OKC please do let us know.

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Did u open the weird medical question thread.

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I don't like the texture! Ridges! Why??? I don't understand it at all.

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Lala, I am lactose intolerant. That makes UTZ CHEESEBALLS my most coveted, my dearest, my literal forbidden food. You can mock me mercilessly but you cannot take this from me. Not even my body's inability to naturally produce lactase can do that.

Not today, not ever.

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Fuck you all!


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Our pipes are full of STUFF and so we haven't been able to use the water in the house since Friday evening, which was also the day we returned from The Worst Christmas Ever, but the plumber and his friend have been digging in the backyard for hours (when they aren't taking a break to razz me, that is) and so we begin this evening with me babysitting cats in the bedroom while MilkMan supervises and we both would like to be able to ring in the new year by being able to flush the toilet again (and do laundry and dishes and take showers and stuff, too, but I know better than to set expectations too high).

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Is this David Brooks cosplay?

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Her daughter dated my friend in college. I knew she had money but I didn't realize her family had MONEY.