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Whenever I see this episode, my first thought is always to marvel over how far Bartlet has come since"Proportional Response" after Morris was "blown out of the sky." Back then, he was very much "Let's go BLOW THINGS UP," and the pushback to that began with Fitzwallace saying that would have been $5,000 worth of punishment for a $50 crime. And sure, Leo went on to speechify about Charlamagne, but my first thought is always that Fitz' memory is with Bartlet and is who he's turning to when everyone else wants to make war and he wants to make peace.

And that's just really special (even though omg, my heart is breaking over this Leo/Bartlet situation.)

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I always wonder how this episode would have been different if Dean remembered his own time as a spirit that didn't want to let go.

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I MEANT TO MENTION THE MONEY CLIP! I just never envisioned Sam carrying a monogrammed money clip.

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I love Tall Tales. It's just so much fun. From the blah-blah way Dean perceives Sam to the lecherous way Sam perceives Dean to the Purple Nurples and -- above all else -- the Patient Dad way that Bobby deals with the boys. "Dean, did you take his laptop?" just makes me laugh in strange ways. Probably because it feels SO familial and normal, which is just not a feeling one typically associates with the Winchesters, I think.

And the janitor was a fun villian. It's probably been five or six years since I saw this episode for the first (and only until now) time, and I *think* I was duped by the death scene? I definitely remember grinning like a fool when he showed back up and took a bite out of his candy bar. And now I could really go for a candy bar.

Also, if anybody is looking for next week's SPN videos, I should have 9 clicks each here: (If somebody could leave a note as they expire so other people don't waste time clicking over that'd be great.)

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"Myyyyy daddy killed yooooour daddy," is one of the creepiest things I've heard "Sam" say, and it was so very Meg and delicious (even though I share in the love of Jo). I don't remember what -- if anything -- that knowledge does for Jo, or if she even really believes it. I have a hard time seeing it as a huge difference, because I have a feeling that in these situations, a mercy killing is indeed an act of kindness.

But I don't know, so I'm just going to back to thinking about Bobby being awesome, because Bobby is awesome with his holy beer and hot pokers.

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That's what I've been doing with Supernatural, posting them here, but you can also use The black Market at Spoils:

In fact, it might be better to use Spoils if you can.

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And this episode was why I didn't know whether I wanted to laugh or cry when Mark wanted this episode to hurry up and get here. Also, I share in his "How is there another episode?!" I've seen it before, but I was sure the season five finale ended with the explosion. I have no idea what's going on in the season six premiere now.

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I love this episode. Mostly because its another way of turning our expectations on their ear. Like the spirits in the asylum, Father Gregory is another example of a spirit who - yes is ultimately doing bad things - clearly isn't capital E Evil, you know? And I'm intrigued by the idea that Last Rites were all it took to put had s spirit to rest. No salting and burning needed (and ha! Spongebob side down!)

I also really like that Sam has faith, I just wish it didn't feel like such a sudden admission. I mean, I get it being sudden for Dean, but I feel like for the viewer, something alluding to it previously would have been nice.

Also, I have rot13 things t talk about but I'm hiding I the bathroom at work just for this and can't justify three wealth of time that would take. Grrrr.

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I was trying to remember if this was referencing the Mandy episode. Apparently not, and Artist's other legacy will be presiding g over cabin incidents.

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Hey, do you have a twitter account? I could direct-message links to you there, which would work best for me. My handle there is the same as here.