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Since it's so late reply from me, it will be suffice to say that though you insist you're not replete with confidence, but you aren't subdued, either.
The prominence in your every post reflects the self-belief you contain. :)

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Congratulations PTC-S on your Magnificent Payout.

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Congratulations PTC-E !
Patience has its rewards. :)

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It's very, VERY sad. :(
One of the greatest voices have gone so untimely.

R.I.P. Whitney Houston.

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You're most welcome, PTCS. :)

Your success in this industry really inspire us.

Stay Safe. Keep Well.

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PTC-S, you've been the champion of this ptc arena with unthinkable influence residing in the zenith of success every way one can think of.
I wish you all the very best for your upcoming ventures in your life.
May you have all the accomplishments you deserve.

Regarding the cricket, I know you're a die-hard fan of the game as I used to be once, but after the recent debacles, I've temporarily discarded the interests as I see many things are not right
with the Indian Cricket right now.
Hope they'll be able to rise up from the current situations.

Be blessed & have a nice & safe holiday. :)
Best Regards -

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So Sorry for the late post, Neobuxfan! The usual hectic schedule in the at the beginning just doesn't let to be online as I'd have liked. =/
But, it doesn't matter now as you have left the scene & also it has been quite some days & becoming less pertinence & already people are losing tracks of this thread.

But, in case you read this, I'm going through a quick reply of your points stated serially.

Firstly, thanks again for your reply NeobuxFan & from me It was more than compliments there, they were the true facts I just wanted to state.

1. Thank you very much for the appreciation. Yes, I always make it sure to respond to comments & feedbacks worth and those who know me, know that they'll get the replies certainly - even if it's late.
I believe acknowledging is matter of courtesy & an essential part of any communication.

2. You're welcome . I just took the help of an example by mentioning of editing at the newspapers or in Helium. I sincerely think - as you have all the qualities & potential, you can be a succesful novelist, too if you can think of devoting your time for writing, anytime in future.

3. I'd like to say that your reading is flawless. This online me very much represents the real one in all aspects.Though I think I have multiple shades of personalities & sometime I need my alter-egos to reflect them which they're doing well so far, I think. ;)
And I'm esteemed if there's anything common with you there.

4. Regarding the PTC Investigations, it won't end as much as I say, but I'd just like to state no other site as this have ever played such an influential role in the online earning whatever I made in these years.
I bookmarked it the day I visited & it's on the top of the short list along with the PTC-S's site.
And speaking about the person behind this wonderful blog I always had the highest regard on how she has handled the situations which have been adverse & tough at times.
You're right that having worked in an austere profession have certainly helped her dealing with the unfavorable conditions online & may be in her real life, too.
Though she is now in a less stressful job as she indicated, but her strong nerve & the ability to cope up was was already built-in.
All in all, I think she's a complete person, by all means - very successful, someone who's mature & widely experienced and she knows exactly what she's doing.
Though you said she's a tough cookie & I agree with it, I think she's like coconut ( if you ever know this fruit which grows abundantly in the tropical climate here) - hard outside, but soft inside. :p xD
I'm so much grateful to the PTC-I for providing the platform to express the opinions & learn so much at the same time from here.
I wish her nothing but the supreme success always & the best wishes are always there.
Hope she'll continue to be the guiding light for us in years to come.

5. Well, modesty befits only the accomplished ones & I'm far from being anybody, let alone of being modest.
I'm not among those who contain the "I-know-all" frame of mind irrespective of their knowledge.

I know what I'm & as you've correctly evaluated, I'm not oozing with confidence; 'cos I know only this much and being somewhat apprehensive - I bear this susceptibility in.
May be with more experiences, I'd develop a better confidence within.
Thanks so much for your words. :)

Have A Nice & Safe Holiday.

Until the next time,

Totsiens & Sorg !


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Thank you again for a gracious yet clinical reply, Neobuxfan. :)
I think you would've also succeded so much if you joined any newspaper/magazine as an editor or sites like Helium where you get paid to write on any topic you like.

'Cos I can see that your every article is "unputdownable" - yes that's the word. :D

Let me try to reply to some of your points :

I guess I never realised the "impact" I had on some people.

Well, I think now you do.

......and you're saying something opposite. Differing perspectives.

I feel it's very normal that you were requested to say your "own" opinion, as everyone always wanted to see your take on a specific matter. But as you said - the omission of certain pronouns led people to think that you wasn't presenting your own opinion.

I think you were the one person who understood me the best.
Well, I'm most honored by your saying that, but to be honest
I don't have that much depth or capability to understand you well - I just only tried to observe & followed your posts since the days of MS(Short) & I've always liked the way you construct them- specially the longer ones.
Your every writings reflect that you always (or try to) speak your mind out, that's what entranced me.

consider me a "lighter" version of you.....I'm version 1.0, and you're version 3.0 - a better and enhanced version

Lol......I'm not even on the beta stage - may be in pre-alpha & you're already in super-advanced stage. ;)
But, thank you so much for your so esteemed words again, I'm revered.

.....whether it was a gut feeling, you are certainly very intuitive!
Well, may be my intuitions or sixth are strong, but I remember you have clearly indicated your gradual "good riddance" with a conversation with the PTC-I few months ago.

if you had the time to really be a part of PTC Investigations, you would easily take my place as the 4th "gem".

Now, this is by far the most astounding statement for me.
Firstly, I'm no gem at all, ......lol...... all knows that, I'm just a stone - a rough uncut stone like those are found everywhere lying negligently at the sea shores.
Secondly, I believe that none can be an alternative to another & no-one can take your place here, ever.
As for me, I'm not even in the vicinity of thousand light-years of you - in any way - so comparing between us will be an insanity.

But that, you have even bothered to mention it - gives me a celestial feeling.
Thank you NeobuxFan, from the core. :)

And to say, I'm so grateful for your appreciation of my writing, & though English is not my first language; whatever I could write has been only possible for my schooling & the teachings of my professors in colleges & university. I'm really indebted to them.

As I said, it should be a slow leave. I will try to drop by once in a while but I prefer not to make promises.

I know you, naturally you wouldn't want to make any commitment about returning here, but now see what you've done.
Now after you other eminent members are also announcing their retirement from here , though everyone has reasons of their own.

Already, PTC-Explorer left the scenario, so is "Silentwill" or Master G.R.P. & now you, NeobuxFan - will be followed by C1cker & the PTC-S.
Then it'll be like a cemetery - this place. I really feel for Dear PTC-I. Hope she'll be able to cope up.

You know NeobuxFan, you're really the Pied-Pier of PTC Investigations.
We were captivated in you, so much & now that you're leaving
the interest & the enthusiasm will not be there.

This blog will never be the same, without you.

Take Care, Stay Safe, Keep Warm - always.

Our thoughts & prayers will always be with you.


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Well, today was the 63rd Republic Day celebration In India, & throughout the day I was happy until I came here at PTC-I's.

Now what do I see - a person who has been so helpful, generous & is a pivotal strength to this blog, is bidding adios
from here.

Well, after reading the Part -I and Part-2 of your post - (which may well be the last long post of you that I've always appreciated mostly) I'm not embarrassed to admit despite being a mature guy, I'm finding it very difficult to keep my eyes dry. The saltwater is just wanting to escape out from them, making the vision blurred.
(May be because of not having the nerve of steel like KJ & PTCI, and also easily emotional - which is natural in the Eastern world, that I think is a certain dis-advantage.)

I don't know why, you had earlier indicated that you'd may be less active, but never thought that you'd announce like this to leave us totally.
Now there is no solace for us.
Well, I don't feel like much to say - only to tell that it's absolutely your decision & I wish all the very best to you, may you be blessed always & have the peace of mind, which is most important.

The site of PTC Investigation has remained sparkling light due to the presence of 4 priceless gems - the PTC-I, PTC-S, KJ and You - Neobuxfan.
Now we're feeling that the light has diminished substantially due to one of them going away.
We'll miss you every moment here.
Thank you so very much for the kind words spoken on me & I'm honored that you've liked my feedback which I dared
to give to someone preeminent as you are.

What I respected most is your transparency - of writing exactly what you think & believe. That is very rare in anywhere, probably. We'll also lose one of the truest persons known.

Well, we'll be with faint hopes if you ever think of dropping in once in a while here or at PTC-S's blog.

Take Care. Stay Safe. Keep Well. :)

Best Regards -


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Wow ! A correctional officer ! Yes,Its quite demanding & it quite explains your discipline & punctuality maintaining this site. The personality of anyone molds up as par the profession which he's attached with, generally.
As for me, I'm in the Judicial sector - A Central Govt. job & as stressful as it can be.
Sometimes, there's barely time for breathing. =/