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I'm actually thinking of giving up on Neobux, even though I still love Neobux. But I gotta do what I need to do. If I feel like a slave, maybe it's time to give up. And I'm sorry to say that, because I love Fernando and Neobux dearly. Perhaps if I had more time on my hands, maybe things would be different. Dunno, I'll think about it....

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I make $10 profit a month with Golden Membership and 170 RR (all renewed for 240 days). Any thoughts, guys?

I only click ads and manage RR.

I don't do Mini Jobs and I don't complete Offers. Once in a while I may click AdPrize if I am not busy. Haven't won any big prize from AdPrize except for $1.00. Don't earn much from AdPrize.

I don't have time to complete Mini Jobs and Offers, or to click AdPrize. Hardly any Mini Jobs for my country, but in any case, I get bored quickly if I do Mini Jobs.

Currently sitting with 47,728 NeoPoints. I don't use my NeoPoints for recycling or managing referrals. I already used 30,000 to buy Golden Membership, otherwise I have not used any of my NeoPoints.

Don't have any more invest in Neobux! Invested about $220.

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Oh my word, I don't get that. You are lucky, PTC I, but then again, I wouldn't have enough time to click 194 ads! :o

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Hey, PTC Scrutiny, long time! Hope you are good.

Are you still keeping your blog up, or closing it down?

I now understand how people complain being "forced" to click ads daily to earn from referrals.

I have a demanding job, and I've forgotten to click ads according to server time since this year (quite a few times), and then the loss of income "hurts". As much as I adore Neobux, I see the other side of the coin. I come home exhausted, and fall asleep and by the time I wake up, it's already past my clicking time.

I have 170 RR as a Golden Member, and I make about $10 profit per month. Don't have any more money to invest in Neobux, but I'd love to go Ultimate or another Golden Pack, so I can get Vacation Mode and therefore not feel like a "slave".

I seriously want to make more money, but I don't know how. PTC Scrutiny, is this blog your main source of secondary income?

EDIT: This was supposed to go in the Neobux section. Oh well!

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It was just under $5.00, but immediately before the swap, they gave out some juicy ads, and my referral increased my balance to $40.00+. I can't be bothered any more. Really ... wasting my time on PV. Anyway, I got my $10.00 via Payza!

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I'm done with Paidverts COMPLETELY even though I still have one super-active referral. They dropped the $0.01 limit for selling shares. Sold my BAP for shares. Put my shares on the market for $0.0038. Should get about $10.00. Will cashout now. If I don't get my money, so be it! Moving on! :)

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You can't even sell shares. There are pages full of people selling shares at $0.01 and no-one is buying!!!!! Sold my 2,500+ shares as BAP. Got 150,000+ BAP. I will click ads, but not religiously, until BAP drops to zero and attempt to cash out. Then I'm gone for good!!!!!!


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Buy shares to prevent cash being converted to BAP. As far as know, shares will remain untouched. Then sell the shares for cash, and cashout on 1 Dec.

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Sold my shares (now called Royalty Positions): Had $16+ in balance. Then my one and only active referral increased by balance to $44+. Had no idea they were going to swap cash balances to BAP.

Just re-read the forum. Here is a quote by a mod called "Agency":

- Due some wrongdoings from previous admin, the hacked attempt and Paypal freezing our account, we have some liquidity problems. That means we will do a debt swap of balances.
- Cashouts were cancelled, and are disabled until Debt Swap, on 16/11. After the 1st of December, cashouts will be done under 24hrs in PV. And under 14 days on MTV.
- Deposits are disabled from now for 7 days, until debt swap is done, but you can purchase Bulk Ads all this time.
The debt swap will mean this:
- Your amount of BAPS will remain untouched.
- The FTQ investments will be exchanged for RPs, at a rate of 10 RPs for every $1 that you should receive.
- All your cash balances will be exchanged for BAP or for RPs (depending if you used MTV before or not). The exchange rate will be 10 RPs or 2000 BAPS for each dollar you have in balance. (Again, depending if you used MTV before or not)

Our recommendation is that you spend your balance, either in RPs or purchasing Bulk Ads, to get the most of this.

Quoting user " lemao08":
"If you have ever invested (Ftq/buy RPs), your balance will be converted at 0.1$/RP, if not, it will be converted in baps : 1$/2000 BAPs.
About RPs you own, they stay untouched, they cant swap RPs for RPs

Because we are no longer clicking, BAP is useless for us. Best solution I can see is to buy up shares (Royalty Positions) and then sell them, and then cashout. As far as I am concerned, the ship is sinking - I don't think this debt swap can save PV/MTV.

BTW, PTC I, I highly doubt I will go back to BuxWiki to update Neobux. My priorities have shifted significantly. I'm not longer doing any type of PTCs or similar, except Neobux. I don't have referrals any more, and I don't click every day. Sad that I had to reduce activity and stop writing on BuxWiki, but I have to move on to better things. I won't rule out going back to Buxwiki or Neobux on a full-time basis, but chances are slim. Neobux will still remain in my heart forever! <3

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Happy Diwali PTC Scrutiny!

Tried to cashout today! Says cashouts are disabled until 16 Nov. Seems a debt swap is happening because they only have $200,000 in cash assets. Only found out today when I couldn't cashout. I am no longer following the MTV/PV forum.