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Zoecity does answer the question of "What is the most popular content on the Christian web?" And with popularity almost being in proximity of influential, this is good intelligence to be situationally aware of for Christian leaders indeed! I got to meet Colin in Seattle a few weeks ago, and heard about the software's development, and glad to see it launch - I've got a video interview with him next week, and will post that online.
My recent post live coverage from Verge Conference in Austin

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I thought it interesting to see this post mention Thomas Nelson as a traditional publisher, when it also happens to be a company that'd launched a self-publishing service called WestBow Press, too. See :

Now the question I've got is -- what's a "reasonable rate" for a self-publishing service provider? I think I've seen some go for as little as $0 and some well over $3,000 for their fees.

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Thanks for deconstructing the web stats here. I do wonder about how people come up with their goals -- when is a goal over-ambitious and possibly unrealistic, versus when a goal is more reasonable and achievable?

I confess I'm no expert at goal-setting.

Big hairy audacious goals is one thing; one that's arbitrary and a wild guess would seem to be a whole 'nother category.

Do you have any tips on how to set a goal in a way that it's not a big letdown and disappointment, yet not setting one too low that it's "meaningless" ?

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You definitely have got to get in on Michael Hyatt's review and giveaway of the book MENTOR LIKE JESUS

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The Bible 2.0 is not far from you, my friend. The web 2.0 Bible is already here, and has been around for many months now. Take a spin at -- it's online, it's got space for community, it's got user-generated content, it's got links and embed videos of sermons. And it's all generously supported by the Digerati team and community at .

To get more content online, a la multimedia, FAQs, and tour guides, it's that nagging question of how will it be funded, and who will do the work? Will you play point on the effort, and make your dream come true?

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@kkcooj, thanks for your comment.. I'd add that both religion and politics are polarizing since the advocates with strong convictions usually are quite vocal in prosletyzing others. What makes politics more visible is because it's more concrete and it's about brokering power, whereas religions less visible, as in less talked about in mainstream, is because it's very abstract, almost metaphysical. As Jesus made God visible through his incarnation, so too the church can make faith visible by living it out in tangible ways, and show & tell how to consider faith in non-threatening ways.

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I describe the difference at this blog post ->

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Good good.. very freeing to read this insight. Now, what if my career path doesn't make sense to anyone else AND it doesn't make sense to me? So, if a career path doesn't make sense to anyone at all, what do I do what that?! :) I can only hope and pray it makes sense to God.

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My website was hacked on Sunday, and that made it red-flagged on Google and Twitter, and other websites and browsers that use their vetting process. I've cleaned up on my website, as you can see, and Google has cleared me for take off. Twitter is not quite real time on this. Still waiting...

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I met a guy who lives in Chicago, and commutes to San Francisco for work. The way he does it is live in Chicago on weekends, San Fran on weekdays.