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"Poor weather may have played a role in the lack of trouble." Based on this quote and the story title, KCRG seems awfully disappointed (or just surprised?) that there wasn't any trouble to report!

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Sure would be nice to see a different headline story this week...

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Exactly, that's what the jury is for. People like us chosen to take in ALL the evidence presented in a court room, not just what fits in a quick news story.

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You said it -- we need REAL, SANE, LEGIT analysis of what cuts need to be made. Would you let the newest person hired at your company fire hundreds of people in their first month on the job? Would it make any difference to you that they worked at that company over a decade ago, when things were quite different?

My best analogy for across-the-board cuts under Branstad: it's like trying to perform open-heart surgery with a sledge hammer!

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Sorry, Legion *Arts*, not Legion Hall.

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Just off the top of my head, Cedar Rapids cultural organizations CSPS/Legion Hall and the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library are rebuilding post-flood thanks to money from the progam. That construction is employing (past, present, and future) hundreds of workers, while the rebuilt organizations will help to ensure the economic future of Cedar Rapids through visitor and tourist dollars. (Believe it or not, before the flood, the National Czech & Slovak Museum brought about $1 million in economic impact to Cedar Rapids per year -- that helps the hotels, restaurants, other cultural attractions, etc.)

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That's the part of Branstad's campaign that upset me most -- he put the blame for the sluggish ecomony on the Culver administration. Has anyone noticed that the ENTIRE COUNTRY is going through a recession? From 1994 to 2000 (during Branstad's last two terms) unemployment nationwide was below 5%. The dot-com bubble hadn't burst, the mortgage market hadn't crumbled, the government wasn't yet bailing out our largest financial companies. When Branstad fired people before they had somewhere else to go. Sure, things got worse in Iowa during the recession, but Iowa kept a better balance sheet than most of the country and Culver did his part. He CREATED JOBS through his stimulus programs like I-jobs, made consistent, across the board cuts when necessary, got the state through the natural disasters of 2008, and we told him thank you for taking on this job during one of the toughest economic times in our country's history by FIRING him. Branstad is not going to be able to do the same thing he did now that he did before and expect it to work. It makes me SICK that Iowa re-elected him.

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God bless the families of those who died. I can't imagine the pain of loss you must be feeling, but know that the thoughts of many are with you.

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I definitely understand your point -- but phenylephrine simply does not work as well as pseudoephedrine for me. When I get a really bad cold once or twice a year in the winter, I'm always willing to sign my life away for a box of pseudoephedrine. I guess it could be the placebo effect, but a clogged nose is one of those issues where the meds work well or they don't. That said, I think the system outlined in this article is a good step toward decreasing the amount that one person can buy in a short period of time. Will it stop meth from being manufactured? Heck no. All they need is a lot of good friends willing to buy a box each month.

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"Clame?" Wow.