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thu.mbs do.wn with.out a resp.onse huh? I tho.ught ma.ybe the pe.ople here on the gaz.ettes were a little more inte.lligent to deb.ate with (they would deb.ate you if th.ey don't with what you say) inst.ead of just do.wn and ru.n like they do at gu.ess not.

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i just wonder if these do not reduce accidents, if the city will get rid of these?

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that is my problem with these cameras. The anticipated money is already budgeted, so they will likely do what they can to gaurantee that the expected revenue comes in. Other than that, I could care less if they are up. Get sick of so.ccer moms in mini vans with a phone to the ear running red lights, get sick of semi drivers running red lights, getting sick of people who cannot wait a few extra seconds for oncoming traffic to on by so they pull out in fr.ont of traffic. If the people in this city would really be a little more attentive when they drive, then they wouldn't have opened the door for the city to put this in. Let these people pay into the city cof.fers.

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he is in a perfect situation. The program has nowhere to go but up and if he can improve the team, then he will make a name for himself. If not, after three seasons he will be let go and likely collect a huge check in the process.

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are you sure your comment didn't have words that contain swear words such as "as.sume" and "circu.mstances" or anything else like that? has a ridiculous filter. It is getting better, but there was a time when a word containing "ron" would need to get you would have to break up words like "front" or "wrong". You will learn to copy and paste your comment and find out what words are causing your comment to go into moderation and then seperate them out.

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take a moment and breath!!
i am sure most hawkeye fans were pulling for UNI and do pull for UNI most of the time (unless the hawkeyes need two field goals to secure a victory in football).

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that is true....good point sir. I guess I was looking at it from a working persons perspective

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so you don't think a 6 year old who cries to get attention or get it's way never picked up on the fact that mommy ran to the rescue as soon as a peep was made when they were babies? they gotta learn it somewhere. they just don't automatically wake up one morning with that figured out?

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do you really consider a tax refund as the government giving you something?
I tell you with states already holding back refund payments or issuing IOU's, it probably isn't a bad thing to keep your money up front and pay in at the end of the year..especially if you can figure out how to come out even.

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i don't think uncle same gives you anything at tax time...just returning your money that he took away to begin with.
-1 for you for as.suming that a tax refund is a gift from the government