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I agree! Keep the message dump the image. Way too creepy looking.

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Hopefully this will be a start of something.

If this is what will exit Obama stage left, then the next scary part is we would have Biden as the prez. (What a lousy lineup we have)

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I forgot to supply a link with some of the info. Dug a bit further and I was able to find a link on Foxnews
here's one from abc

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Social Security Administration spends over 700,000 on conference at 4 star hotel.
I am ROYALLY PISSED OFF this morning!!!!! Listening to the traffic this morning on an ABC affiliated radio station, they did a story that I'm surprised isn't on this site yet. (At least I couldn't find it.) Maybe cuz ABC is so pro obama.

I'm so pissed off I don't even know how to react other than I really want to smack a bunch of people very hard upside the head with a heavy duty cast iron frying pan!!! Give ME a FLIPPIN Break. Does Government just think they have an endless supply of money? Our MONEY?!? Their excuse is they needed stress relief cuz they get so many death threats. Well THIS news just oughta help out that situation, don't ya think!!!
Like a coworker of mine said.
"Where do we sign up for the revolution?"

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Not sure which would be worse, to have Kim Jong or Junior in power. Probably junior.
I caught part of a documentary on PBS late the other night that was very interesting, called Crossing Heaven's border. It showed some defectors that would cross into China then make their way to South Korea.

One of the interesting portions of it showed how North Korea keeps their people in a media bubble, so many people think that Kim Jong is the greatest person on earth, including one defectors sister that was in danger staying in the country. She stayed because she just couldn't leave where there was such a great leader.
Just amazed me how in this age & time of technology that a country could keep it's people so isolated from the rest of the world. Made me ponder just how so many people in our country rely on mainstream media and isolate themselves.

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I'm with ya on the mixed feelings about Palin. Don't get me wrong I like her as a person but don't feel that she is ready for the presidency. I don't know as I would vote for her. However I would take her over the current one we are stuck with for the next 4 years.
While I respect her values and agree with most things she says, other things she does makes me question why. For example, why did she announce this before knowing or being able to give more info on the direction she is going? Just gives idiots out there more fuel to add to the fire.
Unfortunately, I haven't seen anyone for over 2 decades that I feel is a great choice and believe in 100 percent in for presidency. Every election we all seem to get stuck with trying to choose between the lesser of 2 evils.

As for the Romney lies, give me a break. Talk about petty. Years ago you didn't have to have a license in states like Idaho or Montana to go small gave varmint hunting (potguts or your sage rabbits.) Hell I went my brothers as a kid growing up in Montana. Sometimes even on our own land. Big Deal! A lot of city folk go plink and they then consider themselves hunters. Whatever.
My husband is an avid hunter and I'd consider myself one as well, but I just can't see my arse getting out of bed at the butt crack of dawn to go marching all over the hills looking for antlers. I like to go and just stay in camp in my sleeping bag until it's decent hour to get up, then cook up breakfast for when the hunting party returns.

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A bit off the subject for this reply but wanted others to see depending on how one filters the comments.
EPA trying to bury recent report

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Just because someone is convicted and sentenced to 150 years does not mean they will spend that amount of time. Example a child molester who is sentenced to 10 years maybe spends 3 to 5 years actually there before they are paroled and released. Lovely system they have going isn't it?

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Exactly!! Who the crud cares? What and why with Michael Jackson has nothing to do with what the state of our country is in. Which is what I thought this site was for and about. Why is this even posted as a subject on the 9-12 project site??? Give me break and lets get back to reality. This is all the attention I'm giving this one.