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What an awesome piece of technology. I don't mind the expense, at least something in the military is getting fully funded besides green energy crap while the rest of the service suffers from cuts.

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Really now. Do people really have that LITTLE amount of common SENSE???
Lucky they weren't firing from inside the container.

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Lets see, no logging, no coal trains, no oil...
Anything else you commies don't want that can put food on the table without requiring government help?
Wait, don't answer that!

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Psycho husband. If I was her I'd pretty much figure the relationship is over at this point.

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Words cannot express how disgusting this sounds.

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Just to pour water in your pipe, I live in Washington and work in Oregon and don't pay your income tax, HA!

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His hat tells you he is this way, so why be surprised.

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I'm sure he/she will get a ticket, but as long as no one lost a life, it's a small price to pay.
My biggest fear was to have a load shift my when I was hauling OD loads. I'd chain them up hardcore, way more than was needed, but I don't like to take chances. I drove OD up in Alaska and the concern there is that the ground was so soft in the spring. On gravel or slightly improved roads, the farther away from the middle of road you got, the softer it got. Thankfully I never had any issues other than getting stuck in deep mud when crawling up a 15% grade using chains on the tires on a dirt road with a 90,000 pound load (Excavator) plus truck/trailer weight. Still kinda scary.
I have about 600,000 accident, citation and CSA free miles. Hopefully that doesn't change.

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Because that is a single lane (it's the OMSI to Hwy 99 exit) I doubt the driver was cut off by a 4-wheeler.
My guess is "speed to fast for conditions" with contributing factors. Driver going too fast for the corner and since that is a container, it's 4,000-5,000 pounds heavier than a normal trailer. Add to that the possibility that the trailer was loaded (that's the same exit I take all the time to go to Union Pacific's Intermodal Rail yard in Brooklyn) and possibly was high loaded or that the load did shift, although it's generally pretty hard to shift a load. In 6 years of driving, I've never had a load shift that I've known about.
Either way, if the driver was going slower, than with near certainty this would not have happened.
What a mess!

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Bye, don't the door hit you on the way out.