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Yes this is a strange one. His family does not report him missing. He appears to be in good physical shape. Why didn't he walk out? No food was found, did he starve himself to death? I hope they find some answers.

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I wish you all the best Mrs. Moore. You are one of the few bright spots in Hollywood.

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I hope his body was stapled with bacon before dumping him into the sea.

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I went to bed a couple hours after I heard about it. Way to go Military Special Forces.

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This may sound callous but whether she is schizophrenic or not, what she did was inexcusable. If she is set free, she could very well do something like this again. She has killed a person and destroyed a family. I feel she should be sentenced to death.

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OMG!! They got the wrong man :-)

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Let's see, adjust for inflation.....?stronger employment growth? The economic recovery will continue to disappoint. Obama needs to "buy" another company, GE can't do it on it's own. G.E. didn't pay any taxes. Jobs czar Emelt may have a tough time keeping jobs in the U.S. Hang on to your hat folks, the economy is getting ready to take off, not sure which direction.

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My wife uses that on me all the time.

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The word speaks for itself. His(Panic)!!

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If the States accept the federal monies then do the States have to come up with the money afterwards to keep the program going? Oregon has not shown it can be fiscally responsible. The first sentance in paragraph 9 is scary. When the government does anything, most of it gets screwed up. Democrats blame republicans. This has been going on for two years! Enough already. There has to be a middle ground somewhere. Get it done!