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This is a cool human being. Just saw a story on him and the dog situation in Detroit. Good work and keep it up, Hush.

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There is a bare lot on Lake Ida's Gehrkes Point that is currently under contract for sale. The list price is $284,900.

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I've had variation of this call and really appreciated the "Call your f**king agent" response.

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Thank you for sharing Mike. And, you are correct about Arrowwood.

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While I enjoyed reading this post the impetus for my comment is your blog design. Most often, I catch up on your postings via Google Reader or Feedly so I don't visit your blog directly very much. Tonight I clicked the link in your tweet so here I am at your site. Man, what a great design. I really like everything about it.

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So true and it is especially bad when a company that has been around for years still use generic account accounts. Many of my local competitors still don't use their domain in their email addresses and I am hoping they don't come across

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My intent was to say "hey, this is a good buy" which I would think the listing agent would be pleased to hear. You misunderstood and I don't have a beef with this agent nor did I intend to denigrate them. I simply stated an opinion based on my opinion of the market value and the fact that the agent hasn't represented a lakefront buyer or seller. Maybe they are right and I am the one that is wrong but I do have a history with representing lakeshore buyers and sellers and this is my opinion.

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Ha. You are right. Actually looks more like an afro.

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You look like someone that puts it on each morning. Like the suit. Looks like a Zegna.

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Brophy Shores is at the south end of the lake.