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I saw Prima Donna on Sunday and I agree with you on all points! I wanted to walk away with one memorable aria, the show finally clicked with the Alienor/Henri piece, and WTF no synopsis BAM? I had to Wikipedia the show before the lights went down.

Also, I missed my moment to awkwardly praise Angelica Houston for her work in Ever After .

Ah well, it was still heavenly. And I'll always love Rufus... toreador hat or no.

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I really hope Cthulhu rises up out of the Hudson to eat these motherfuckers.

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Want want want! I might just wait until after the holiday and buy it as a "Be My Own Valentine" gift.

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Of all the things I want, cylons are not on the list. Egads!

Things I would settle for:
3 dresses from Anthropologie
a very generous gift certificate to my comic book shop
a Soda Stream

My practicality is a selling point.

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Willful ignorance is mystical force.

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Oh, well then. I guess they should keep on with the voting discrimination that worked so well in 2001.

(I swear I'm actually a positive friendly person. Politics have just got me down.)

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I wish I were able to envision such crushing victories for the Democratic party in 2012.

You mention that the change in demographics in the South/Southwest could adversely effect the Republicans in the next decade or so, but I think this discounts the fact that Republicans have repeatedly gotten minorities and lower middle class communities to show up and vote conservative. The Republicans have worked some kind of dark magic that entrances the disenfranchised to VOTE AGAINST THEMSELVES! It's a bait and switch (vote against baby killers and homos, y'all! please ignore our fiscal policies while they gently screw you!), but it's happened more than once.

I've ceased being shocked and can only believe Republicans could get away with this again.

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Because I'm still working off the "List of things I should have read in high school but didn't", I haven't gotten around to most of what's been released this year - with the exception of professional How-To titles (snooze) and comics (yay!).

That said, I think one of the best work of fiction I've read this year was 60% pictures. Daytripper (released as single issues in 2010, collected in 1 volume in 2011) is the story of a man, told one day at a time, where he dies at the end of every issue/chapter. Simple enough premise, but the writing is on par with Gabriel Garcia Marquez (impressive for two guys whose first language is Portugese) and I had that intensely happy/sad "I just finished an awesome story" feeling at the end.

A less potentially-depressing recommendation: Bossypants. Because... well...

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So say we all.

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Love it! I even got those little chills at the end.... It was then that [Obama] carried me!