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First off... Only ladies should be allowed to pose nude in any commercial.

Second... Paint on plexi-glass can make an effective sign.

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Tasteless jokes from the emasculated aimed at an emasculated audience. Honor dies with the death of men.

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Legalize everything, make it affordable (or even give it away), then Natural Selection will solve the drug issue.

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The Voyage Home was a great 80ish movie. Everything about it reminds of the 80s. To me it seems like it was the last movie made by the original cast that age really didn't distract from the story.

As for TNG Star Trek, I watched it occasionally until the pro-gay episode where the red headed doctor has a lover. His body dies and the thing that lives inside it comes back to her in a female body. She wouldn't turn lesbian and blamed it on mankind, "who had not evolved to the point that things such as sex do not matter". (Not an exact quote) That destroyed what little interest that I had in TNG.

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Kennedy has a distinction that only a handful of others in congress can claim... he has been one of the drivers of this "train called State" during nearly the entire shameful journey that led to the train wreck our nation now finds itself in. Other congress people have come and gone, some are late comers, but Kennedy has shared the helm continuously with the others. He spent decades over spending, raiding social security, biggering government (thank you Oncler), and basically running a great nation into the ground. He and almost every member of congress that has served with him over the years (regardless of party) should hang their heads in shame for the current state of the union. By small increment, over the long years, Kennedy and his cohorts have chipped away at America's greatness. Now Kennedy is gone and our children's children are left to clean up the mess that he and those like him left in their wake.

Waiting for these career politicians to die off takes too long. Our country will not survive it. American's need to start voting against incumbents regardless of party. There is no different between the Democrat and Republican parties right now. Until we have a conservative party option, we might as well affect change by changing the face of congress. Career politicians are destroying America. It is time to throw them all out.

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Back when MTV embraced and started promoting hip-hop blacks in American still existed (for the most part) in traditional family units. Life was a lot different back in the late 80's. Most black children knew who their father was. Now 20 years later look at how far Black Americans have fallen. Rap has to be largely to blame for the disintegration of the black family. Young men don't settle down with hos and b-tches. Young women who view themselves as hos and b-tches don't expect much from a man.

MTV contributed to the destruction of an entire generation of black youth.

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Let's see, since Obama became president he...

1. Has not attended a Christian worship service.
2, Has visited several mosques.
3. Has bent knee to the king of Saudi Arabia.
4. Gave his first interview as president on an arab news network.
5. Has promoted his muslim past (before the election he denied it)
6. Is supposedly a confessed apostate. Where is the traditional outrage usually expressed in the muslim world?

Is Obama a closet Muslim? I think there is a good case to support it. Another litmus test is how he approaches the issue of gay rights. If he is a closet muslim he will be intolerant of homosexuality... far more intolerant then a typical christian. Obama's feet dragging on gay issues might be very telling in regards to his real religious convictions.

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Savage and Wilder are just a glimpse of future Europe. As muslims grow into the dominant political forceSavage and Wilder are just a glimpse of future Europe. As muslims grow into the dominant political force, much of what defines western culture will be rejected. Freedom of speech is already going by the wayside. Things such as dress, music, literature and freedom of religion are certain to follow. All one has to do is look at the other muslim nations in the world. They are not exactly places where liberty is a popular concept.

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I'm afraid you'll have to go to foreign press to read about the dangers associated with this vaccine. Don't let you children be guinea pigs for big-pharma!

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It's time to replace all of the squirrels in congress regardless of party. From this day forth do not reelect anyone. Career politicians are killing this country. Its time to stop the bleeding.