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I was sick watching these " mom's " on the ACORN tape. What KIND of mother could EVER promote/ENCOURAGE another child into hooking? How much money would these ACORN slobs make off Hannah, James and CHILDREN at the end of the "deal"? It's a disgusting day to see that MONEY made is MORE important than a child's LIFE and SAFETY!

I'd hog tie anyone who came into my life or office with questions like Hannah and James asked ACORN on the tape! What has become of common DECENCY and HUMAN LIFE? It seems these ACORN types are ONLY for the MONEY made OFF innocent children and the poorest of poor. D I S G U S T I N G!

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Tell EVEYONE to call the INSPECTOR GENERAL OF HUD and DEMAND they investigate ACORN! DEMAND IT! 800-347-3735

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Yesssss! I love it. CNN and the rest of the Liberal media can eat one another. It's fun watching Cnn. MSNBC, CBS, ABC implode!

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'Dat broad was head over heels for that

I'm glad she's ok!

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What? I bet Obama thinks police are prolly too busy being racists to solve crimes!

Great story. I'm glad they got another scum ball off the streets!

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Too bad Pelosi rides a broom....She should be the test driver dummy for the new bridge that was built by shoddy un-educated bridge workers. Splish splash that witch took a

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Hmmm. it's seems that Mrs. Bush is having Obama try and try again--Well, it's obvious that Obama NEVER got thru to all these drop outs in Chicago over the years, He MUST have had these same speeches for those kids when he was grass rootin it in his day as a community organizer. Gee, even the inner city , street smart kids knew he was full of crap. lol Sorry, it's rather ironic that Chicago has one of the WORST drop out rates in this Country and Obama could NOT get THAT fixed all those years he was there!

Mrs. Bush has class. The WH has NOT had a first lady with class since January!

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So, it was an AFL-CIO picnic today in Cincy? Nothing brings out HUGE loving crowds for Obama like a free lunch stuffed with ten dollar bills in 'em for a good ole fashion ass kissin in Ohio. I wonder if ACORN gave 'em 20 bucks in those free lunches since they got more of our money in the stimulus package? lol I laugh, but I cry....

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Wait and see what happens in OHIO ( and other places across this Country) if "Crap and Trade" passes. It'll kill what few jobs are still here after they destroy small biz and large with this Healthcare takeover!.

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Saying he's the only one we got is just like saying---" I won the lotto but I have only 1/2 hour to live". Or. " I slept with the best looking man on earth, but, now I got AIDS". Or " I get free healthcare provided by all the rich men/women but I can't find a doctor to take me as a patient".

Yeah, he's the best we got and I KNOW we ALL got the shi*ty end of the stick FOR SURE on that deal!