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Please 912 ers and Glenn I read this in an other blog and I will like to check with you and the people here if this is true or not... If it is ... this is DANGEROUS !

He is already doing this, HJ5 is an ammendment to abolish term limits for the president...obama already has a web site set up to collect donations for his 3 election, and petitions to sign for this is the 22nd is appealed it has to be in effect for 7 yrs. prior to the next election, which means it has to be done this is up for vote soon..obama thinks way ahead...even if his thinking is wrong,,that is why it is important for all of us to keep ourselves informed and pass along the information as we get it...


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Hi Glenn and Hi every one on here.... What happen in Honduras it is difficult to understand for most of Americans, coming from South America and knowing how delicate is keeping a democracy over there, I think no one country should say any thing about what happen.... The problem that Central and South America are facing has a name and that name is Hugo Chavez he is using his petrodollar power to shovel his own candidates in many countries there. His lunatic dream to become the Bolivar man in the region make him dangerous for all the nations there. The Hondura's politicians and the people in Honduras do not want an other Chavez in their country and the far left controlling again their life, they use their constitution and their Supreme Court to kick out an other Chavez follower.
And I support them. I'm from Peru and Chavez is doing what ever is in his hands to crack our government there. The last crisis that we face with the Amazon Indians was a perfect example of that... The media here do not make a connection between that problem and Chavez but if you made a little bit of news investigation... and ask the people in Peru about it you will find what is going on in the region.... WE ARE SICK AND TIRE OF CHAVEZ HE MUST GO. HE IS A PROBLEM IN THE REGION AND A PROBLEM TO USA.
Live the government of Honduras along they did the right thing. It is funny how Obama was so quick to make an statement about it ... HE WAS DEAD WRONG.

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I think is to soon to understand why Sarah made this announcement. My first impression is that she did this for her family first and for the Alaskans also. The media and the group of interest in DC both the DNC and the GOP will not live her alone making so much damage to her family and at the same time waiting time and money from the Alaskan's tax payers. I'm hope her the best .... if she stays in politics I will support her and If she decide to stay away and be with her family I will admired her more! out of all the politicians I feel she is real. She is like every one of us a woman with a family with good things and bad, with a husband who loves her and support her and a working woman who does the best that she can and on top of that she is a beautiful looking woman. SHE IS A REAL WOMAN to me.

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Excuse me who told you that the Doctors are rich? the overhead of a doctors office is incredible, the insurance they pay is very expensive, the amount of hours they work are amazing, the risk to get something virus, bacterias and much more are extremely high, they got three times cuts last year by medicare and of course the insurance companies follow those cuts.... The Doctors families suffer to because the amount of work that the Doctors must do today they family barely see him.... they spend 14 to 15 years studying then they must paid a lot on study loans did you know when Doctors do their residency if you divide the amount of hours by the salary they received is about 3.20 dollars per hour? A doctor do not get to his full salary until they get to a private practice but then he has to buy in the practice witch is an other huge amount of money.... Many family practice now days are gaining between 120k to 200k even under Obama administration that is not consider rich.... Brandi89 I think you do not know what are you talking about.... Why don't you ask the same question to Ophra those in Hollywood who they gain millions of dollars and when the times come to you and you are loosing your life the only "rich" man who can safe your life the doctor who study for fourteen years, always the patient is first (even if the his family needs him) and yes to help people to but they must be compensate at the level of their studying at the level of they knowlage.
Excuse me but with your approach the only thing you are going to get is nothing no body not even you will sacrifice all those years only because they want to help they want also a good and deserved living.
I'm one of those rich doctor,s wife.

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grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. I missed the good part !!!! how she react? did she notice something or not?

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Hi FloridaSunshine the other day you asked me in what part in florida I'm in ....I answer you but was to late...I'm in Orlando...

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how old are you??? live the child alone....Greta was on BO today and she did very hard comments about people like you!

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hi LindaC how are you? where our friend JR went?

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In case you haven't seen or experienced it.......


As the CEO of this organization, I have resigned myself to the fact that Barrack Obama is our President and that our taxes and government fees will increase in a BIG way.

To compensate for these increases, our prices would have to increase by about 10%. But since we cannot increase our prices right now due to the dismal state of the economy, we will have to lay off six of our employees instead. This has really been bothering me, since I believe we are family here and I didn't know how to choose who would have to go.

So, this is what I did. I walked through our parking lot and found six 'Obama' bumper stickers on our employees' cars and have decided these folks will be the ones to let go. I can't think of a more fair way to approach this problem. They voted for change; I gave it to them.

I will see the rest of you at the annual company picnic.