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You blame her family, but you dont see that Stern did the EXACT same thing? Wow, just wow.

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Dont worry about marc, his mother still has to put Mr Yuck stickers on the shampoo so he doesnt drink it.

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This attorney should apply for Obamas cabinet. They would fit right in. All of them FOS,

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If I was going to become a Liberal, Id have to have my brains sucked out so Id rather not...Thanks anyways though.

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Stern is a maggot...deserves everything he gets.

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Why does anyone here even try to have a debate with a Obamatron. Hes their Idol. Let them kiss his ass all the want. Some of us know better. Scroll past them and laugh.

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A Marine mom gave birth to a child that went to war to keep you safe and protect your freedoms, and spew your hate whenever you choose. You should thank her for that right, because you currently just utilized it, as sick as the statement was that you made. SHe indirectly gave you the right to speak your mind. Never forget that.

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His approaval ratings are directly in sinc to any NEWLY elected PResident. They mean nada. Go back and look at Bushs ratings for the same time period....they were at 63 percent. Stop using his approval like its a definate that it will remain that way, Two facts remain constant....ONE...his ratings have dropped consistantly since being elected, TWO...Populairty raitings mean nothing RECORD DOES. It is his recod that will define him, not silly polls on whether he is popular right now.

Let me also add, Obamas spending could easily backfire dramatically. So insted of you preaching that hes popular, you better start praying his plans which I believe are doomed to fail, actually end up making a differnece.

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I have no doubt it will pass, that wasnt my point . The point was that due to the people of my state writing, our Senator listened. Sorry you are so stuck on the winning thing, that you cant see the results that will bring in the end. IF anyone should be paying closer attention its you, careful what you wish for.

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Thats an easy one to answer why you are not surprised, Angie deals in reality, and she would much rather follow that then the ramblings you have been posting. Thanks for making me laugh this morning , its been fun.