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"It goes without saying that this game is going to be compared to GTA IV."....dude...wait...what year is this?
whew i thought it was last year again,good review none the less,but bad timing

anyways peace and game on

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this looks like a winner,it already has a nomination for best picture,and we already know tom is gonna bring his A-game

what else could i say,i love drama

peace and game on

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turner and hooch,imagine this,a cop that needs a partner,and a dog that needs a friend teaming up to take on the bad guys....oh wait

peace and game on

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what is this?
a gears of war book recommended by a future librarian?
then it must be a good read,the thing is that i havent seen the inside of a library in a few years,i guess its all the more reason to go huh?
this better be a good read reluctant,lol
but all jokes aside thanks for the recommendation,its about time us gamers read something other than text on a monitor
now hopefully my eyes dont burst

peace and game on

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great article man,good stuff,i seriously did not know that all of that went into the remake,i knew even less that all of that redone awesomeness could actually be a distraction,if 18 years ago you woulda told me that the graphics were gonna be soo good that they would hurt,i woulda told you not to worry because in the future they would just upload the game into your brain so you wont "need" eyes but sadly...

no worries tho,we still have color settings,lol

peace and game on

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man i would love to see starfox,i would pick that up first day

peace and game on

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great suggestion,you seemed to have hit the nail on the head

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while i have to agree that tecmo bowl was great and all,i dont think now is the time to bring back nes franchises,especially without a graphical update of some sort,i recommed keeping the top-down perspective but giving them a face lift with graphics akin to the first know what i mean,bring it up to date(somewhat) in the graphics department

peace and game on

p.s and the bo jackson run was fantastic,i remember killing my cousin on many a nights just runnin the ball

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on atmosphere alone this game gets a really is one of the scariest games ever made

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priest im gonna debate this list,even tho i know that you are a noob to the experience(i havent experienced it either but i'll debate for the sake of debating)

10.every time the ps3 has a firmware update and you are connected to the internet,it forces you to update as soon as you turn on your console,so in other words "nothing new here",

9.again i haven't experienced it yet but maybe its because they have sponsors and share holders that they need to please,and again,sony does it in "home",and every other social lobby does it,"nothing new here".

8.yes we do need to see our own motto,why come up with a kick ass motto like my "peace and game on" if i cant enjoy seeing it with the rest of the world.

7.i think they did this for obvious reasons,see:pirating

6.remember when the guide button brought up the "blades"?
yeah,so you remember how cumbersome it was to scroll thru them just to find your favorite song that you ripped into the hard when obama said he was bringing about change,what did you think he was talking about??'re on an xbox 360,which is a games console,get it?

4.maybe you could blame it on too much awesomeness in the other departments,hey something had to give.

3.see:#4,and pray for an update

2.its called a marketplace for a real life a market is different from a store,in a store you get a small choice of products available to you,in a market tho...woo-wee

1.because if they label them xbox mii's they risk getting sued for infringement

anyways...peace and game on