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That be a goodun.

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I'm Scared.


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I have a video which shows me hooking everything up before I start playing. The only problem is the sound is really bad on it. I'm going to finish the video up as soon as I can get some decent music to put in the background. It might help understand how the "Toys" come into play with the whole setup.

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Gee, Entrecard getting all weird again. Some things never change.I guess I better check in on them and see whats what. Got you on my Reader, so you ain't getting away from me.


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Praying I can do and a big bear hug for you too.


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Thanks Mike. This was taken early Morning before dawn and I was on a Parking structure looking down on these lights.


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Here is the link -

Thanks for the comment Mike.

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Spicy Bug, I accidentally deleted your message through my Email. I am on a learning curve with this new owner of the Comment thingy. They have changed things up a bit. I though I was just coming to see the Post and Poof, It said the comment was deleted. Very tricky.


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Grace, I would hope you could talk to other folks that have had the test done. I found by far the worst of it was doing the prep the day before. The test itself , at least for me, was a breeze.

Please don't dread the test. It could literally save your life. With My Dad, he hated Doctors and didn't go to get checked out for Colon Cancer till he saw blood in his stool, and it was way too late by then. He suffered terribly for years with the results of having to have his colon removed. It wasn't pleasant at all and I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.


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Thanks Jessi. I'm still enjoying it, just things real world have changed dramatically since I first started this blog. It will come to me. Just going through a period of adjustment here. Thanks for the input.