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Thanks for your comment. The first time I became aware of the Götheborg was in 2006 when I read in the news about its replica arriving in China. It is only recently that I read about Wuliqing tea being transported in the original Götheborg. It was in this news article (http://news.xinhuanet.com/photo/2008-07/11/conten...The main story of the article is about Wuliqing tea being carried to Beijing to celebrate the olympics; but the Götheborg and its voyage to China is mentioned. This made me curious, so i searched the Chinese web for Wuliqing. I found this article(http://www.ahsp.org.cn/2006nwkx/html/200303/%7BF1...who describes Professor Zhan's work in bringing the production of Wuliqing back to life in southern Anhui province. The Götheborg is not mentioned on this page, but another ship that sank on its way to Singapore. This(http://www.teatf.com/home.asp) is the website of Tianfang, the company that now produces Wuliqing. On their Wuliqing page(http://www.teatf.com/canpin1.asp?id=51), they also mention the story of the Götheborg. You can see that they even have a drawing of the ship on their box. This article(http://tea.ahnw.gov.cn/culture/ShowZx.asp?ID=3085...called The legend of Wuliqing (雾里青传奇) is a story about the relationship between the Chinese tea producers in Anhui province and the Swedish merchants from the Götheborg. The only informations I have come from my searches on the web; but those Chinese articles seem to have no doubt about the fact that Wuliqing tea was on the Götheborg. The province of Anhui is well known for its long and prestigious tea producing tradition. It is situated in the East of the country not too far away from the big harbours like Shanghai or Guangzhou.

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