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Hi Scriptfoo, I promised myself I wouldn't come back here, but I got the email with your reply and couldn't turn my back on you. You strike me as someone who is passionate and thoughtful (and yes 912ers that is possible). You seem to grasp that freedom of speech is a right granted for the benefit of the UNPOPULAR. A popular opinion has no need for such protections.

I suggest that you read Starving the Monkeys by Tom Baugh. Most people could never finish that book (much less the extensive reading list he assigns), because they are the, come on, I know you can guess it....

Just because someone mouths words that sound right does not mean that they comprehend the actual MEANING of those words, as evidenced by the complete lack of comprehension of free speech in this forum. Read Starving the Monkeys and I'm sure something in it will offend you. It did me, but I cheer the fact that he's saying it. I've even come to realize that the thing that offended me was actually RIGHT. I never would have had the chance to learn and grow if I had followed the lead on this site.

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Glad to see you're following the reading list. It's tough, but worth it. I'm still working on it. Atlas Shrugged rocks! Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations is an timeless eye-opener also. I'm amazed that there are so many truly important books out there that I had never encountered.

Anyway, as you can see above, I'm outta here, just wanted to answer you before I go. See you on the other side.

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Hi TomBaugh (Tom Baugh?), thanks for the reply, and thank you for writing this book.

I've been out of town for a while and just checked in only to discover the anti-free speech movement on Vent. They don't seem to understand that free speech only matters when someone is unpopular. A popular opinion has no need for such a right as they won't be challenged anyway.

After reading your book, I can clearly see monkeys as they prance about mouthing words they don't comprehend. It seems like too many of Glenn Beck's followers are are exactly the kind of people you describe in Starving the Monkeys. Even a guy who had been a victim of the "shut up and fit in" crowd has now joined them. Sad. I can almost see the Lamists picking up their stones and heading over to Jean's house.

I've decided to leave the 912 project. I'm going to move on and start doing my part to set things right. Thank you!

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I've been watching the firestorm over Jean Chauvin. I'm so very disappointed in you all.

First of all, I'm a woman. I consider myself very capable and tend to beat men at a good many endeavors. I believe men and women should be free to compete with one another on a level playing field, and I do mean level. If a woman can pass a man's fitness test in the millitary, then she should be there. Not have a special test just for her. Ditto for every other field out there.

I do not fear the opinions of ANYONE. I refuse to allow my feelings to silence the voice of ANYONE. I thought that was what this group was about, but when push comes to shove, you react just like the left. I'm saddened to see that the best of humanity still wants to act like a highschool clique.

So, so long 912. I'm moving on to a group that actually wants to accomplish something. If any of the rest of you have a desire to find fertile ground for independent thought, I wish you luck. It's out there, and if you're willing to see and think, you will find it.

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Redarm, I don't know if you remember me, but I came to your defense when you were being attacked on this site. You were having a bad day and simply spoke your mind and the cliques descended upon you like fire and brimstone. And now here you are, playing the "you can't say that" game and bumping and thumbing like a teenage girl. Free speech. What a lost concept. But, hey, you have some brownie points now, so congratulations on fitting in.

I won't be at the popular kids' table. I'm going to go hang out with some folks who actually want to accomplish something. Like maybe defend free speech.

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You are right, of course. But, either way, we go to jail. I would rather become more self-sufficient, have less income and thus less tax burden and watch them whither without the revenue stream. I've been accused of wishing for a new Dark Age with this strategy. I believe we are already in a new Dark Age. Environmentalism is the new religion and the king is tied at the hip to it. No science matters, no logic matters and all who disagree are subject to inquisition. The difference is that in the modern world, we can take them down quickly with nothing more than not taking a vacation, not buying a new car, growing a tomato, keeping a chicken, and trading with our neighbors. Without the cash, their own minions will tear them apart. Dark, yes, but also doable. And unlike the last Dark Age, we can rebuild very quickly.

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Did anyone else catch the Fox News interview of Obama by Major Garrett (in Russia I think)? How did Fox get a private sit-down with BO? I thought they were getting frozen out by the administration. Could this have been a payoff for not covering the tea parties? Just wondering...

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I would love to agree with you, but I just fear that the progressives have "bought off" too many people at this point. How do you convince someone who is receiving a government check to vote against themselves?

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Sounds great, except that the government would never do away with the previous taxes. They would just add the new one, promising, of course, that the old taxes would be phased out over time. That's only reasonable, so that the system would have time to adjust. Except that the phase out will never happen, we'll just enjoy a new additional tax.

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Because that jury would most likely be composed of those receiving a government check. Then we would be as guilty to them as a member of the mob. People on the take from government programs each believe themselves to be absolutely entitled to their goodies, and will gleefully rip anyone to shreds who threaten that source of money. The only option I see is to not owe the taxes in the first place......