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Have no fear. Our time will come. Stand by for the fireworks. Good idea - wrong generation.

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Have faith. We will survive. The chances of any low life wanting to join the BNP is rather remote to say the least. When all this gets flushed down the pan with the sewage, the BNP will be much stronger as a result. Remember, this cuts both ways. The likes of the Black Association of this or that will be in much more trouble than the BNP.

We are here to stay and here we stay. Message to Nick - Keep the powder dry and aim for the election next year. You and we can do it!!!! The mood in the country is with you.

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John Greenfield
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Yes, we will join you. It is our only hope. The problem is that it will be such an up-hill struggle and Joe Public has such a short memory. As far as he is concerned, if it does not happen within a few short months, then it is not going to happen. Sadly most of them have the attention span of a goldfish.

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Who are THEY to lecture and control US???? When they cannot get their own accounts audited and certified, who are they to interfere in our affairs????

The lunatics really will be in charge of the asylum. Come on, general public. Wake up before it is too late. Vote BNP, it is our only hope now. The rest of the Westminster morons are fast asleep.

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When I read this, my heart sank. Words fail me. Mosque building must stop NOW. The likes of Trevor Phillips have the bare faced cheek to call US racist? It makes the blood boil.

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I am not convinced that the original PUBLIC UTILITIES should have been privatised. It is like selling off the family silver for next to nothing.

Council Houses? Now we are short of homes for economical rent - thanks Thatcher

Gas, Water, Electricity? These should NEVER have been flogged off. Now we are paying the price of foreign suppliers controlling our important services. Personally I do not trust the French or Russians as far as I could kick them and I would have a good go. We needed this like a hole in the head.

Telephones? The monopoly of BT needed breaking. I remember when we had to rent a phone from BT at £4 a quarter when it was possible to buy one in town for £!5 or £20 so this has been a good move to privatise and open up the phone industry, otherwise we would not have the great phone deals we have today.

Before any of this can be changed, we need a strong BNP Nationalist government. That surely will come with time. I just hope that the breakdown in society we are seeing at the moment will not have got beyond what a new BNP government can turn around.

The way I see it is to sign up new members which brings in new funds and with it, new voters. There are 1 million people who decided that a vote for the BNP at the last EU election was not a wasted vote. Let us build on that and make it 2 million before brown gets the boot where it hurts. Then progress is being made.

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Now is the time for the Party leadership to publicly state that they will discipline any Member who brings or attempts to bring the Party into disrepute. If we are going to have to accept membership applications from possible low life infiltrators, then such covert action would be sufficient to get the member expelled for life. The genuine membership would be behind such decisions I am sure.

The next big hurdle is get ready for the next general election. Brown beware. Vote and encourage friends to join the Party and vote BNP.

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Have courage, Nick. I have just phoned a donation of £100 to the fund because there is a problem with sending a donation via the internet. I know it is costly, but everybody I know feels the same way as I do so please stand firm.

All that remains to be said is
Members, please dig deep in your pockets and support Nick so he can go all the way and give this two faced upstart the thrashing he deserves. With the money in place, Nick should be able to make a counter claim eventually and possibly get our money back.

131186 and proud of it.

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It is happening here, too. Not just rapes and violence but thieving as well. Where are our elected representatives? Fighting a rear guard action over their expenses claims. Do not expect much action on real matters of serious importance until after the next election.

Come on, now peoples. Lets have some BNP MPs in the next session. Then maybe - maybe someone will listen.

Not holding breath, North Lincolnshire

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This was before my time as a member. From what I have got to know, I think it has done more good than harm to the hard workers of the BNP because it has created exposure. Basically any publicity is good publicity. I found the leaked membership list on an internet search and spoke to a close activist friend. His attitude was "I could not care less". This has given me strength to have the same attitude. You know what? I could not give a monkeys either.