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Let's face it LibLabCon don't really care about the British people and their views or opinions. They treat us like mushrooms ... kept in the dark and fed s***. If they were so sure that a referendum would give a massive YES vote then they would have one tomorrow but they know that's not the case. Just like the decision to allow millions of invaders here and then tell us that multi-culti Britain is marvellous and we should all be grateful for them enriching our already wonderful lives. Just to prove it they invent laws that say we can't speak out against it and must help Mr. Mohammed take over what was once ours. It just seems that politicians are ONLY out to line their own pockets and make sure that the country house is paid for ready for an early retirement in the lap of luxury. ROLL ON 2010. Even if the BNP don't form the next government I am sure we will have enough MP's to put the cat amongst the pigeons.

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I BANG MY HEAD IN DISBELIEF. Where are they going to go ?? WHO honestly wants them here when the country is in a state of chaos and near bankruptcy. Are they going to save us from destruction. For Gods sake ... WAKE UP BRITAIN AND VOTE BNP. Also take a look at this :

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We MUST have a referendum as promised. If the vote is NO and the EU says you must leave the union .. then so be it. it wlll save us millions and free us from being EU lap dogs. LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE who rules ther lives.

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Two words ... "RUNNING SCARED." This Liebour government have been the best ever advert for the BNP as voting has shown. Hopefully the more they mention the BNP then more people will want to know why they are so concerned and read up on BNP policies. The other reason for this biggotted outburst is to secure the ethnic vote ... probably the ONLY votes Bodger Brown will get in 2010. I watched as much as I could stomach of the conference and it really did make me SICK to see all the self back patting and hear the lying through the teeth. It amazed me how they could talk about Liebours 'wonderful achievements' for ONE HOUR, let alone 7 days, so this is probably why they had 2 minutes silence. They KNOW that people are turning away from Liebour in their thousands and they KNOW that the BNP will take a large chunk of their votes to make them the 4th party in mainstream politics. Time has come for REAL change for Britain and that change is Nick Griffin and the BNP.

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I have posted this video before but I make no excuse for posting again .... it is a wake up call to schools and misguided lefty teachers like those from schools like this. This is the sort of thing they SHOULD be showing in our schools and universities.

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Have a look at their website :
It's quite difficult to spot the white pupil. The 30 non muslims that took part cannot be far off the total white kids in the whole school judging by the pictures. Oh! ... and while you're there you might like to -mail the head through the 'contact us' link and tll them what you think of this disgusting abuse of the minority pupils.

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I have a dream ! I have a dream that one day there will be no more benefits supported ghettoes filled with people who cannot speak the language or understand the culture of this nation and therefore will never work and support themselves. I have a dream that one day I will be able to walk in any area of this once great kingdom and not be persecuted because my skin is white or my religion and beliefs are not acceptable to the people that have invaded my land. I have a dream that one day our elected leaders deliver on their promises after they have had my valuable vote and not just turn their back on me and pander to someone who has never before set foot in my beloved homeland. I have a dream that one day soon we will have a BNP government. I have a dream.

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If the British electorate were turning to the Outer Hebrides hedgehog preservation society for hope they would try and ban that too. In a way this is good news. If the BNP did not pose a real threat to their antiquated, smug ways then they would never mention them. The British people are waking up to facts instead of listening to the same old drivel year after year. The time has come for change and they know it. Threatening members who dare to challenge their out of touch values seems to me to be a sure way of drumming up support for the opposition. I REALLY wish it was a general election next week.

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Le's face it .... under Labour we are screwed !! Brown seems totally intent on destroying the UK. WHERE does he get his backing from ?? Certainly not the population of Britain. EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE who I talk to hates him and his policies. What gives him the right as caretaker of the UK to sell us all down the swanee ?? I can only think that he is SO gutless and witless that his advisors are telling him " Here's a goodie Gordon ... do this and you'll be liked by everyone" then laughing up their sleeves as dumbo Brown clutches at straws while they eye the leadership. Harriet Halfman being the ideal thorn in his side. FOR GODS SAKE ... ROLL ON THE ELECTION AND GIVE NICK GRIFFIN A VERY WELL DESERVED CRACK AT THE WHIP !!

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So when I get thrown on the dole due to cheap foreign labour I will tell them that I am an unemployed Brazilian dancer and have government sponsored qualifications. NO other job will do. Find me work in my village of 360 people OR pay my dole for the rest of my life. WHAT A MONTY PYTHON SKETCH JOKE. Maybe they could teach our pensioners the same thing so that they can keep warm in winter !!