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Has anybody figured it out yet?

Take a 1Kg item manufactured in China then flown or shipped too the UK. Maybe the item then flies half way back to the customer. The faster you move it the more energy you will need (=1/2mv^2 double the speed quadruple the energy needed) so all in all a shed load of energy wasted for what? The manufacturing energy for that item made here or in China is actually the same just the cost of living is so much higher. So too stop the bullshit global warming how about we do not transport "everything" into the country (includes food and the rest) and instead fund cheaper production and save the planet in the process. In addition all those people that can now have a job here (newly created) and the deficit rubbish if it really exists (would explain) would disappear. But we cant have that and be self sufficient, with only a poxy 60 million+ population compared to billions elsewhere our politicians would be peasants in world terms and this is currently offset by a high pound for them crucifying every British citizen in the process. if the pound collapsed who the hell would want too come here anyway. Nobody! So the immigration stops, our politicians humbled, we save the planet, the pound goes down and we are productive again! Sounds like a dream too me ....

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I would even go so far to say if the BNP were destroyed another champion would wield the issues on their banner and be called racist for doing so. Let them waste there energy the struggle will continue and an example would be the wife of a police officer voting BNP because that person has children who will have to live and die in this country flooded by mass immigration where there chance of a life of a home,family and employment dimminish daily. The only way to stop the rise of the BNP if they really wanted too would be too provide that home, family and employment and that they cannot. One day the BNP or similar will win because the fight is right.

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I wondered what happened prior too the election. So it was an attempted coup too cause the most disruption at the most sensitive time. Sometimes I wonder what motivates people I only work on what I believe is right and it stays that way until proven otherwise. Nick Griffin is the only person too lead the BNP and for the forseeable future in that I cannot think of anybody else who could do it. In fact if those who wished to really object were clever they should allow the BNP too carry the flag like the legion of the dammed but can talk about those issues that matter too people the most and at least stop it. The joke is on Simon Bennett though he did not sell out the BNP, he sold out his own family and friends because all the luxury items in the world are not worth a dam if you live in a hellhole.

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I really cannot see how the NHS can survive under either the Liberal, Labour or Conservative policies. The amount of cuts required is becoming more ominous every day. Only by reallocating funds from other so called priority areas will it be possible too pay the debt, wars and debt are just part. How can we talk about *ring fencing* anything when the debt is so high. That is like we can keep the rolls royce dearie we will just sit in it and look out the windows while you have pangs of hunger. Everything needs to be reassessed openly, the people to choose what services too keep and "no ring fencing".

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Here is a way too help the economy. If an individual is here and working and you can find a British person with the necessary skills then you replace sending the person home. Rather an easy solution and nobody wants too say it and stops the debt mountain growing. Outsourced work abroad in IT especially is brought home. No more dialing a foreign country on a low cost line too other parts of the world too a person sitting in front of a computer screen. Create a network of those people at home able to take calls from their living room and help them out of the benefit trap for that is what it is.

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This shows one thing that is rather comforting. The possibility of repatriation of a large number of the population is now possible back too their country of origin. People move through choice and it seems the choice is too be happier immersed in your own culture as the Sultan politely points out. It also demonstrates that it was never the British that refused to engage in bridging cultures, quite the opposite if you can jump on a plane to refresh you cultural identity by living in Pakistan.

Wish my Britain was out there and I could do the same, with the vote too!

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As Mervyn King (BoE) says the next one that gets in is then gone for 30 years. Only 2 too go then.

Latest I heard is that a VAT rise is less likely and more direct taxation. Why? Because you will not have any money to spend so it has to be taken a different way. (VAT is a tax on spending, no spending = 0 TAX)

In addition as people will have less money too spend they will not need the Green Levy as people will have cut their C02 emissions as they couldn't afford too turn the energy on. The politicians should have their wages cut for getting us in this mess in the first place and all too blame so all can pay and turn off the power in parliament too like during the winter of discontent.

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On the necessity of immigration to aquire labour resources the country needs! It is not addressed by the points based system it should be on the proven skills required if at all. Just more deceit.

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Very interesting, very interesting indeed.

I got two polling numbers - do I get too vote twice? Let you know on the day because I have a card and a leaflet one both with two different numbers on and looks like maybe people are being inserted "get my drift".

Got too wait a week too see!

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I would really like a competive cost base along the line of 3-4 quid an hour if I make something. This is negotiable downwards providing i can just keep myself okay, give me some dignity. Then I can sell it and can start to get out of the position I am in. So you have too root for the above, it is electronic, have you ever reverse engineered little electronic chips, even got a radio transceiver for remote control. Had too write all the software myself for real time telemmetry out of the chips into the PC. Just give me a break on the labour cost to make anything as the material cost is negligible wherever you live! Thats the truth.
Yea I can't work 40 hours a week does not mean I am stupid and should not be cast on the scrap heap. Thanks a bunch LibLabCon that is what you mean too me.

As I figure it voting BNP give me half a chance don't you think?