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So, Eric Cantor endorses Mitt Romney.

And the GOP's grave just gets deeper....

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Your wife uses the BCP!

Well, evidently your wife is a "slut" and a "prostitute." Because we already know this is what that pig of a man believes. The one you so vociferously defend.

Tell your wife to send the "video" of her slutty exploits!

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What is it about Rush "Prostitute" Limbaugh that makes the conservative/republican wing nut fan base so afraid of him?

Simple. It's because Limp Bahh IS the leader of the conservative/republican base.

Bill Maher had the guts to reveal his donation to The President.

Does Rush have the guts? Oh! He certainly does have the guts ( guts as in fat rolls of lard ).

But does he have the courage Bill Maher has? Of course not!

Rush and the rest of the conservative/republican establishment has NO leader they can enthusiastically support!

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It delights us to no end to know that The Lorax will crush that vile, jingoistic piece of trash/propaganda , Acts Of Valor.

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Happy Birthday, Dr Seuss. The message you so eloquently set forth over 40 years ago is more relevant than ever. You were truly a visionary.

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41 is so young, but all this time, reading your posts, I always figured you were 31....

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Are you gonna tell me that if a bunch of uniformed goons in Iraq threw away a dozen bibles that Newt, Santorum or Mittens wouldn't be demanding an apology???? Conservative - HYPOCRITES.

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Right. And I must say I am shocked. Whether he or she is an enemy or a friend - 43 is just too damned young!

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If you really believe what you state, then explain God taking away Ronald Reagan at the age of 93 (!) and John F Kennedy at 43.