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I was so excited to hear we'd be getting a Five Guys... until I did a bit of research and learned about all of the peanuts in the restaurant and the fact they cook everything in peanut oil.

With two peanut-allergic children, that means my family will never eat at Five Guys :(

I'll have to venture up there on my own at some point... or maybe for a date night :)

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My photo was made with my S90, set to manual mode. I held it by the little wrist strap, then spun the camera around and around so that it was quite would up. I stood next to a red/green sheet of lights at ZooLights and held the camera out... I quickly pressed the shutter then let the camera "unwind" and spin at a very high rate of speed.

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Hopefully you had fun... I wonder what price I could charge to share my secret :)

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Great writeup. I share some of your observations on the lack of vendors from certain segments... honestly I was expecting more vendors on the expo floor. A big thanks to you for organizing the WordCamp track - you had a great variety of speakers sharing some excellent knowledge.

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A sad situation for everyone involved, including the train crew who likely tried to stop their train but had no option other than to watch this occur.

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At least he didn't want to change the lettering on a sign he owned.... that would've REALLY caused an uproar!

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I just signed up. Even if I don't implement all 31 tips/tasks, getting the exposure and considering them certainly can't hurt.

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It's a great point. Several months back there was a well-publicized article about how folks didn't generally trust company blogs. Josh Bancroft made the observation that people don't trust companies, they trust people. The way for someone to trust your company is to become a person that they trust.

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Will do. I'd intended to do it origially but had some things come up and wasn't able to work as much into this post as I wanted. Expect some 300mm photos here in the next couple of days.

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Excellent. Cant' wait to see your contest entry.