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Thanks for the post Brent!

I wanted to add to the professional development stuff. I've subscribed to for years. They have a ton of professional development books. If you don't have time to read, the books are really easy to listen to during a commute. I also listen while working around the yard and doing housework. They don't have many SQL Server books though. :)

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Unfortunately, Starter Edition won't be sold in the US.

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Thanks for the link. I updated the post. Definitely check out the Oregon SQL Dev group if you get a chance. Let me know if you are going to attend.

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Putting ads on your old posts is a great idea. I've also been looking at the No Adverts for Friends plugin which won't show ads to people coming from certain sites or people who have left a comment. I wonder if it would play nice with the one you are using.

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That would be because the default MAXRECURSION is 100. If you want to go above that, add OPTION(MAXRECURSION 102) after the ORDER BY clause. You can use 0 for unlimited, but be careful.

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I have a few more thoughts.

It seems like the syndicated bloggers are now coming through the main SSP feed. This is causing a lot of duplicate content for me as I am already subscribed to the individual blogs. I am interesting in getting SSP news, but I'm not interesting in weeding through a ton of duplicate content just to get the occasional interesting new post.

I understand your concern about syncing comments to SSP which is why I suggested linking back to the original post to see the comments. The "related posts" widget that you mentioned doesn't seem to show up in the SSP RSS feed anyway.

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One issue I have with syndication is comments. The way it's setup right now, it seems like there are two separate places for comments. I think it would be much nicer if you could disable commenting on SQLServerPedia and somehow direct back to the original post for comments.

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I don't know what it's like in other parts of the country, but at least where I'm at, there still seems to be a demand for good SQL Server DBAs. Entry level jobs are harder to come by, but for the highly skilled, there are quite a few choices. As this list shows, there is a lot to consider besides salary.

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Good post. I hadn't really thought about it, but I use a very similar thought process when deciding who to follow.