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Agreed! (I came to this old page looking to see if I could find an "Episode Followup" for it, seeing as I didn't read EQD back then and I find I enjoy those.)
What I particularly liked was the subtle writing and logic that didn't point itself out (not to mention the excellent voicework and creepy background music). For example, I enjoyed how they never pointed out to the viewer how Discord was defeating the Mane 6 using their cutie marks and represented elements. Talking apples showed Applejack the honest future (because they DO break apart), balloons defeat Pinkie by turning the laughter against her, Discord generously "gives" Rarity a "diamond" to corrupt her, Dash's loyalty to Cloudsdale is pitted against her loyalty to her friends (caused by a rainbow/bolt/cloud vision)... as for Fluttershy one can't beat kindness with kindness, so he uses a butterfly to lure her into a trap (and later the show explains in a different situation that of COURSE he's fine with cheating)!
And finally, Twilight's element is magic (which is friendship) so he breaks HER by turning the rest of her friends against her!
And not once do they stop to say "see what we did there". The episode was genius.

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Very true and fair point!
I think my reasoning was a mixture of both for myself and for this community, which may have been a bit misguided. I haven't really made anything (I'm still advancing my skills), but back when I viewed this community differently it was easy to draw inspiration from it. I was ultimately doing it because I thought it was fun and it would improve myself, but knowing I was surrounded by friendly peers doing the same things was a BIG motivator!
Admittedly people are still doing that, but... I can choose any subject material I want to improve myself. I had chosen "pony" not to be famous or get accolades but... well, because the community seemed so light-hearted, fun, and overall a great place to be. I'm still going to love the show, and likely check back at EQD at points, but now that I see the community differently I have no reason to find "pony" more captivating to work on than any other of my interests.
I'm not sure if any of that made sense, but oh well. Thanks for the insight, by the way!

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Well, damn...
...But unfortunately I must say "good decision, Cal".
I, as apparently is a similar story to many, got introduced to MLP when half my dorm began watching it together. I resisted at first, but was thankfully persuaded by my friends to give it a shot! I was then shown the amazing community with all the cool charities and art and stories and websites [and run-on sentences]! The subject material was so pure and un-serious [that's a word now], and the people seemed like the best. Group. Ever.
Essentially I was drawn to the show by the community, and stayed for the show.

But whether the community has changed, or the rose-tinted glasses are finally off, I find this patch of cyberspace just as scary and unpleasant as every other (including the god-forsaken "Yahoo!" comments section). We've had our blows; both Derpy and Fighting is Magic were highly disappointing. But the community has also been downright VITRIOLIC. John de Lancie was disillusioned in the same way, to the point he hasn't said another thing on Twitter since. The blowout from the controversial Season 3 finale and EQG has been astonishing! (I liked them, but if you hated them: Have you seen "real" TV shows? Because nobody bats a perfect game with writing.)

As my friends and I have gone our ways in the world we've had less incentive to continue. We've lost that "ritual". That watching an episode and physically fan-ranting in person. That getting out snacks and laughing.
The show is good enough to watch, but it's lost its "magic" without the friendship of others to share it with. I came here inspired by all the great things in the community, but each time I check Equestria Daily expecting to feel better about my day, I amazingly feel much worse. Perhaps it's good that I hit that dose of cynical realism, ending all my works-in-progress for the fandom - I could be using my time better, right?

Everybody running this site have been AMAZING. Remember, they weren't "elected" or "hired". This has been something they've created FOR US. And quite honestly? I sympathize. Good for him. I can forgive him any snippy reactions he has had because he's no more perfect than the rest of us. At least he knows when to exit and move on.

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In that case, this is only going to end in...

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Well of course!
"All the ponies in this town are CRAZY!"

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To be honest I usually just skim the pictures of the successful meetups but...
What the flying feather! Southern Oregon meetup? In ASHLAND!? I'm currently in Talent, one tiny town over! How did I miss this!?
...Is this some kind of cruel joke? xD

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Admittedly the brash "learn to read", followed by repeating his negative statement about everybody here makes it veeeerrrrrrry hard not to come to that conclusion about him, though. XD
But no, maybe I'm optimistic, but I still think he's not a troll. Some of his other responses have been good points, and written more thoroughly (two traits true trolls tend to lack, and damn that was alliterative!).

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Oh, I thought your "Learn to read" comment was about you making the distinction between negativity and trolling. But then I saw the edited-in extra line.

Am I not tolerating? I'm just trying to have an exhilarating discussion here! Pitty.