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Seriously though, how to tell if I'm a pony?

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Why is nopony FREAKED about #46? Apart from insane animation skills, it's also a brilliant idea (Rarity conjuring an embrace of absent pony).

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I wouldn't consider this a mystery story with ponies trapped inside their hallucinations or deadly magical roses. A mature story of this grammature deals with problems more important to human (pony) condition: feelings, especially in love. I believe all the facts described by the narrator are true, but its interpretation is biased by his feelings, to the point where he's dead-sure about meaning of the rose, where he shouldn't. The medical term is delusion.
The narrator suffers, for sure. He's jealous, although he can't admit it openly. He questions Roseluck's integrity, thinks he's being lied to, and he suffers even more because she's not just anypony to him. He still loves her, but that love brings him pain (like a rose with thorns!). In the end, his mind is clouded with conflicted feelings and he makes a choice for the two of them: he chooses no thorns, but that means no rose.

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It's not about releasing or interrogation, I just believe that everyone should be given the right to reflect upon his life in isolation until its natural end and time to change. Surely a burden of such crimes is itself an obstacle for any change to take place. But there's probably a cure even for that. I believe that our future choices are ours to make, but our past choices have rather happened to us, as we were often different people back then. Sometimes they were good, sometimes not, but we always reflect upon them having new knowledge and thus being different. To simplify (although my explanation is more precise), "To understand one's own sin is to have no sin (Haibane Renmei)".

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I don't know about that un-indoctrination. We'll never know if we don't try.

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The sad thing is any of us could become a terrorist. Sure, they have a choice, but it's limited by their upbringing, education, bad company, indoctrination... Think about it.

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About that header. I wish I had one month to shut myself in a hermitage with all my books and just study in peace. My, that tea is good.

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WeLoveFine Fluttershy noveau all-over t-shirt, wearing it for the first time was a bit awkward indeed, almost beat taking photo of Octavia for Ponies Around the World event onboard a plane.

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Hug Fluffle so I fall inside her furry underverse never to be found again, safe in the knowledge Chrysalis would come sooner or later and take us back to Equestria.

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It should be, unless it's a joke. Like a boyfriend under the christmas tree. Still, a living pony lifeform on Earth...