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Maybe that was her stop?

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The thing I love about highschool girls is I get older and they stay the same age. oh yeah gigity.

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I am so sorry. I changed it this isnt my computer its my sons and I didnt know how to upload a picture. I didnt even notice it. I am so sorry! I cant believe such filth would be on my sons computer! This is not a joke either! I love jesus and as a Christain myself I believe we need to stick together to spread the gospel.

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You will be in my prayers for a good game and a win! Go NorthWestern!

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I dont appreciate being called crazy by some godless heathen. I am serious, they are my children and I dont want to see any of them get sick! Why cant you people understand this! Im worried my poor Mr. FLuffers is going to get that nasty stuff.

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Poor defenseless animals are not a joke! They need to get vacinations also! I cant live without my children.

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Of course I am serious! My sweet munchkins wouldnt hurt a fly. They need to be protected and i dont appreciate big meanies like him talking bad about my loved ones. He just needs to have jesus in his life! Praise Jesus!

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These boys just need to see the light of the one and true JESUS! Then they can repent and be forgiven and become good christain boys. Praise Jesus!

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No there is no problem at all. Let them raise the rates all they want. They do it for us not to us. They're a great company.

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Excuse me TommyGirl. This is supposed to be a debating forum. Please keep your personal comments to yourself.