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I have to point out, this is new, and it is IN ADDITION to all those other causes of death. And at its rate of acceleration it'll be promoted up the list very swiftly. Then, of course it will gradually fade.

Then, as Bill Gates has pointed out, there WILL be a next time. C19 will kill vast numbers of people before it goes away (mostly). But in future we will look upon this current event as a rehearsal.

Mutating viruses can come from anywhere, but it has to be accepted that most can be sourced to China. Even the Chinese will have to control the practices that lead to transmission to humans.

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The Royal Opera House, is STILL sticking with its schedule. It's not difficult to detect why: if ticket holders sensibly fail to turn up there's no loss to ROH revenue. If they cancel performances for the sake of the 2,000 people who would otherwise be sitting cheek by jowl in the audience, they have to refund ticket holders.

Who smells cynicism? The audience is generally 'of a certain age'. I wonder how many each performance will kill.

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What a magnificent article. Hannan is an adornment to our lives.

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John Redwood has one of the finest minds in the country, and I seldom differ from his opinions; but I do just wish he'd employ a good sub-editor. His writing is what my teachers would have described as 'clunky'. It's full of brilliance, but often requires to be re-read in order to understand what he seeks to impart.

In recent years his great talents have been wasted. There should have been a higher place for him in Government.

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He verges on the pitiful. Best ignored.

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There are some pretty unattractive comments doing the rounds in the press. This young woman clearly wants a family - hardly surprising. I wonder why some people are so ungenerous in the thoughts.

The preferable comment is, "Wonderful - we all wish you well for the future."

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Excellent post.

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