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OH GOD! Hahahahaha (I appreciate it)

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Also, the Hitomi-look-a-likes, even though they were Octavia's minions they were also getting attacked by her wheels. In this time around it seems Sayaka's resentment toward Hitomi was more on the forefront of her mind.

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AW CRAP! I totally did not mean to do that! I remembered the end of the episode wrong. I'm sorry. :(

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Man, who's this badass. What.

You're safe now, Homura-chan.

Keep it a secret from the rest of the class ok?

Even so, I’m a magical girl. I have to protect everyone. I was really happy we became friends, Homura-chan.
And there we go.
So Madaoka's always had the potential to be this super kickass magical girl in her, if she'd only had the confidence. (And we've been seeing this in little acts of bravery from her!) But thanks to Homura's interference she never got the proper chance. Homura's doing it for good reasons of course, but it makes it all the more depressing that the more she tries to keep Madoka from changing, the further away Madoka becomes from the Madoka she first loved. Oh and poor Homura. Look at how timid and shy she was.

Maybe it would be better if I died.
...and depressing.
She's had to relive the worst days of her life again and again, for who knew how long. Remember she's seen "countless" magical girls die. These same people she became friends with in previous timelines have seen her as the enemy many times. How lonely that must've been! And when she tries to tell them what's going on it goes all Cassandra on her!
Ultimately, it's Madoka who's most important. So yes, she'll sacrifice these other people. Not the kindest route to take, but like I said, we don't know how many times, how many routes she has taken. I'd be exhausted too. Even if it meant killing Sayaka this time, like she threatened in Episode 7... All that's important is for Madoka to live.
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Bonus! Wasn't sure if this would be an appropriate place to post it? So here's a link to kyubeysplosion.

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"But given that Madoka is the protagonist, I guess I am getting a little... impatient for this choice she's going to make. "

HAHAHA. Man. Welcome to how every single viewer felt week to week. Except the last two episodes. We had to wait something like two months for that. At least you get to finish the series by the end of this week! And believe me, Madoka was not a popular character.

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"Today, I almost had a regret. I wondered, for a moment, what would have happened if I hadn’t saved Hitomi."
Oh, honey...

"I'm such an idiot."

As Sayaka changes we get a glimpse of, what I assume are her last thoughts. Her as a little girl in the audience is pretty heartbreaking. Excited and impressed by Kyouske's violin playing. It's what she gave up her soul for, after all.


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I'd forgotten this isn't Sailor Moon. Hahaha.

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Man, Kyouko's backstory is super fricked up. I was super shocked the first time around. Sayaka wasn't someone I ever really liked. And I think her comments toward Kyouko at the end of Kyouko's story best encapsulated why I don't/didn't like her. (She really used to annoy the hell out of me. She's a great character, but I don't like her as a "person." Anyway, I don't dislike her as much as I used to.) She's super self-righteous. And if someone didn't meet her standards of goodness she got angry at you. And it felt like, because she wasn't being honest with herself, everything was getting even more fricked up.

At any rate, I remember the first time I watched this episode, toward the end there, I thought, "Oh she's finally admitted her feelings! And she's got Madoka's support! The next time she fights a witch it'll go well!" Then we see Kyouko overlooking them and I thought, "Ooh, neat! Now she can join Sayaka and Madoka, maybe even Homura? and they can join forces! Yeah! Love and friendship overcoming all!"

"Nope. Nope. Nope nope nope nope. Noooooooooooooope."