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So the means the USA will soon place tariffs on the trade body much like the tariffs that were placed on the world court.

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Had the Russians wanted Navalny dead, he'd be dead. Navalny was obviously another USA propaganda program, no question about that.

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The USA has been a fascist state for many decades. Certainly the "house of cards" is in the pre collapse stages now, largely from fascists draining money from the economy for over 100 years.

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The stupid Russians create a vaccine that works on covid 19 and the intelligent Americans are too stupid to buy the formula because the Russians are stupid people. Meanwhile back at ranch the exceptional Americans continue to die because Russians are stupid. Hmmm

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Israel's vasal state USA will do anything to stop Nord stream II because Israel has gained access to a significant amount of middle eastern oil and aims to be a major supplier to the EU. That is why Israel and the USA are attempting to steal land from Syria for a pipeline, in addition to stealing Syrian oil. Israel gained the rights to a lot Iraqi oil after their puppet USA bombed Iraq back to the stone age.

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The Americans want Nord stream two shut down. Americans want Iranians, Venezuelans, syrians, libyans, Iraqis, Palestinians all starved. Recently the Americans threatened to withhold funds from blue states and threatened the world court. Making us proud to be american.

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Snowden illegal for blowing the whistle on American murder that has been declared legal by Israeli gods.

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The tax payer money in the USA has been given to the Israelis by God. They receive over 30 billion per year simply by asking for it. The people of Montana (taxpayers) receive around 6 billion per year and must prove it's needed then legally appropriated. "It's good to be a member of God's chosen".

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Israelis dictate foreign policy plus a lot of other policy for the USA; the evangelicals carry it out. As Ariel Sharon said in 2001, "we the Jewish people control America.

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We must all remember that God has given the Israelis the right to murder, steal, torture, at their God given discretion. God bless the chosen ones and the Americans who worship them.