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During the Obama presidency three people, two Jews and one American were caught stealing secretes from the Pentagon. Eric Holder, Attorney general let the two Jews go free and jailed the American saying it would be anti-Semitic to jail the Jews. OK I made an implication that Jews aren't American however it's the Jews themselves that make that implication. First they are Jews, secondly citizens of Israel and thirdly citizens of USA. They also claim that being "Jewish" means they are a race of people such as Caucasian, etc. So does that mean, for instance, if I was a Catholic, Methodist, etc. that I'm of the "Methodist race". Very silly but mostly sad they think that way and why they get themselves in trouble with people all over the world.

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Using the Roman Empire as an example, (there've been many empires), Rome ultimately fell because it ran out of gold. Sure the Roman era culture was strange to say the least, however they stumbled around for hundreds of years without a sensible government until they just flat ran out of money. Same thing is happening to Washington DC. The DC government is close to useless and being run by Zionists; certainly not by "we the people". In the last few years the tax burden was transferred in large part to the "we the people" and the top 10% are milking us dry. I.e. the upper 10% have the gold and "we the people" are running out of money because the dollar is becoming useless. Homes, trucks, and other things are astronomically high priced not because they've gained in intrinsic value, they are high priced because the dollar is becoming worthless.

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Judge just shut down half of Mueller's Russiagate case. There never was a case so why are they still bantering it around. The only "case" known is that "deep state" is in "deep trouble" with their dollar and foreign affairs. I.e. DC is in a crash mode.

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What really makes the Axis of evil look bad to me is when they tell me that I'm "anti-Semitic". Being told by a racist apartheid church state that I'm a racist is way over the top of reality. Not only that, these apartheid Israeli bigots are murderers, thieves, torturers, and anything else evil. The only thing they will ever understand will be when they are obliterated. Somehow those racist bigots must be eradicated anyway possible and soon.

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Capitalism in control of a government is "fascism". In addition to being fascist Washington DC is a puppet government of the Rothschild consortium via Israel. Both Israel and Washington DC murder and attack other countries with impunity, of course, Israel's mantra is that God has placed them above all others, "therefore we can murder, steal, torture and do anything that pleases us".

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Tel Aviv and its puppet Washington DC need to be bombed off the map. If there is a different way to handle the world's problems I'd like to hear it.

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The EU is a puppet of apartheid Israel's puppet Zionist Washington DC. Very possible the EU leadership is shaking in their boots fearing the same will happen to them as Assange and Manning if they disobey their masters.

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True both Israel and Washington DC punish people for saying anything about them viewed as "politically incorrect". Say something about Israel and you are an "anti-Semitic" person who will be fired from their job, ostracized, harassed, and murdered if possible. Say something about Zionist Washington DC and very similar to being "anti-Semitic things will happen to you. Certainly this scares the rest of us, sort of like living in a police state. Hmm, police state, now where did that come from?

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First, no country needs to worry about having their democracy interfered with because there hasn't been a meaningful democracy on this planet since ancient Greece. Secondly, anyone who has followed Zionist Washington DC and it's puppet master Israel for the last 70 years or so knows anything said by either is not only suspect but usually a blatant lie. In addition both DC and Israel believe they are above all law, can murder, steal, torture, and lie about it because they are exceptional people.

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Realistically speaking, had an Iranian drone done the same to Israel (Washington DC puppet master) a drone would have been shot down and scores of missile strikes upon Iran by Israel would have occurred. All this with Israeli puppet USA's approval. The apartheid church state bombs anybody and everybody without having been provoked to do it and never needs to obey international law or any other law for that matter. Too bad somebody hasn't flattened Tel Aviv yet, but it will happen hopefully sooner than later.