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Hope you're right. Don't think I can take watching another Iraq, Libya, Vietnam Nam type situation. watching genocide happen without being able to stop it is very hard on me.

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True what you say

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My statement was made because I have frustration with the capitalist medical system that was not prepared for the pandemic. Not prepared because there was no money in being prepared for the capitalists. Both the private health insurance and health care systems work for themselves.

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If the people would,at least, take steps towards healthcare for the people in the USA we would be a much better country in many ways. Get rid of the predetory insurance industry and replace it with an insurance owned and operated by the taxpayers. Life in the USA would be much better.

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The USA will attack those who cannot fight back or whoever Zionists tell them to attack. This behavior has been the heart and soul of the USA for many decades.

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During 9/11 we bailed out the airline CEOs and stockholders with about 40 billion. The airlines expressed their gratitude by raising prices, making seats too small to sit in, cutting meals from price of tickets, adding baggage fees, over booking flights, etc. Now, again, they want about 60 billions in bailout money. What will they screw us with this time? Why do we allow these fascists to own the airlines and stick us in the back every chance they get?

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Barberry, the problem you speak about goes very deep. HUD, road building, and too many others too many to mention overwhelm the system. I live in a sparsely populated state and recently 3 hospitals were caught stealing millions from Medicaid. If our tax money was even close to being properly managed the debt would be significantly less than it is. Our purchase of military weaponry costs taxpayers as much as 10 times more than it should lining various and sundry pockets. This topic is too big for this blog.

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Very true and both subservient to various oligarchs.

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Imbecile, and sociopath is being nice when referring to sleepy Joe. Really sad that out of over 300 million people Biden is all we could offer. He's an embarrassment to the USA and human race.