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Certainly it was the Israelis who ordered the ridiculous display of stupidity and the Americans obey as always.

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I'd like to think that castration would on Bolton would solve the problem however I seriously doubt he has anything to castrate.

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It's not so much testosterone as it is Zionism and stupidity laced with a high lever of "chicken shit".

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Another mass murder by Washington DC Zionist upon Iran would have similar results as were had in Iraq, Libya, Syria, North Korea, and other holocaust sights promoted by Washington DC. The duel citizen Paul Wolfowitz "comply or die" edict continues to rule Zionist Washington DC and we the people taxpayers continue to pay for it.

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We all know that the Zionist treasury tariffs on Russia turned Russia on an upward spiral in the agricultural world making them the number one grain seller on the world market. Russia has benefited from the the treasury department games and certainly so will China. Anybody know what is the average IQ of Zionists in Washington DC?

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Such a big contrast given the Zionists did, and do promote holocausts (mass murder) whenever they choose saying their God gave them permission even saying Palestinians are not people so it's OK to murder them. Contrast meaning on the one hand they claim they are "God's chosen", one the other they steal, murder, torture and lie about it. Mass murder is their game simultaneously they use American taxpayer dollars to build shrines to what they claim are evil "holocausts" that have been performed. No other church group on this planet has a major military including air force, army, and even navy. They say they need it because they are "persecuted" and need protection. Very obvious and evident these people are brutal murderers, and promote evil wherever they go. I'm very sorry my tax dollars go to those low life scum Zionists.

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Ya, we can only hope someone shoots him:) would be a big favor for humanity.

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In 1933 Zionists declared war on Germany because Germany was denying Zionists access to various sectors of German government. After all these years and the destruction of Germany Zionists are, again, in many ways declaring war on Germany. Come on all you Germans, wake up and smell Zionism. Deny Zionists everything, don't give in!!! We must all resist!!!!!!!

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What a phony mess and costly. There never was a reason to investigate Trump, absolutely no evidence or reason of any kind, as we knew all along. It was a total farce bought and paid for by the taxpayers who have no say in the "democratic" government of Washington DC.

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Not totally sure what Escobar is talking about but will say that countries like Russia and China are focused on economic development and Zionist Washington DC is focused on "comply or die". Really does appear that Zionism is hurting both the the USA economic development and the citizens who pay the taxes to make the mass murder programs possible. That I know of mass murder doesn't accomplish much but may help the Rothschild programs grow; who knows?