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It wasn't Russia that made Americans stupid, they were that way many years prior. Alas, Russia wants nothing to do with with American elections. It's the Zionists you need to worry about.

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Very true that the good ol' USA supplied Iraq with gas to use on Iranians. Later the USA hung Saddam for using the gas. Sort of like paying Noriega to run drugs then put him in jail for it.

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The "iron curtain" was a hard core wall of sanctions and tariffs placed on eastern Europe and Russia. It was designed to kill all economic growth. On the process it caused disease and death of millions. The iron curtain was placed there because Russians took Russia back from the Bolsheviks. Zionists who control Washington DC to this day believe Russia belongs to Zionists and still demonize and place tariffs on Russia.

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Rothschild's Israel controls the USA tax money and military. The fact is that Israel has the right to exist but no other countries have that right.

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No matter what, the assassination was premeditated murder. It was illegal under all law as well as morally wrong.

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Christian Zionists in the USA far out number the Jewish Zionists. Their organizations have tremendous influence on Congress and work in tandem with AIPAC. The goal of both the Christians and Jews is "Utopia". The Christians believe that Christ will return and after a battle against evil will deliver"Utopia" to the Christians. Jews play along accepting money, weaponry, and other amenities from the Zionist controled Congress working towards their Utopia in the middle east. Both the Christians and Jewish Zionists are extremely evil low life murderers and thieves.

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Israel's official "entitlement" is 3.5 billion. What they actually receive each year averages over 30 billion. Wouldn't that money be nice if would be used for health care, homes, food, infrastructure for the USA.

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True the taxpayers are getting what they paid for. However as long as citizens of the USA can work three jobs and make payments on their $60,000 pick up trucks, all is well for them.

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Code pink and others across the USA have peace demonstrations ongoing as this is written.

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Yes, Rothschild's Israel calls the shots for Washington DC. Israel not only rules DC, they are given over 30 billion per year of USA taxpayer money. Taxpayers in the USA provide single payer health insurance for Israel, housing, food, weaponry, and anything else Israel wishes. Of course our senators and representatives also willingly donate our blood to Israel whenever Israel asks for it. The idea is that Israel has a right to exist but nobody else does. Israel uses USA tax money and weaponry every day to prove their point. Don't say anything about it else you're"anti-Semitic"; Americans will never be intelligent enough to realize they've been had, blood included.