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I too, see great hope in the content of today's commentaries. The fact that the US extreme far right was unable to complete is ambition to negate the democratic process of the United States state - such as it is -marks a new moment in the history of this large federated sub-continental nation. The election of the Biden/Harris tendency produces a different political context, no matter how much Clintonesque obfuscation tries to drag humanity backwards.

Viewed through the lens of class analysis, these events indicate an eclipse of the far right which is now coming to terms with the anti-scientific idiocy its denizens bought from Trumpian NoeNazi misinformation touters. And we should note a significant move toward a rather conditional tolerance of the diluted former left which has now transformed itself into a centre right pro-corporate Democratic operation. A fuse has been lit, we don't know yet if a short or long one.

European News channels last night reported on widespread street protests across many cities in the USA, which were largely ignored by CNN and other pro-corporate channels. This suggests they were not a remnant of the Trumpian Horde, but an emerging progressive energy. There will be no going back to what was - no matter how the Clintons wish for it, as the real democratic (small "d") majority gather their wits and class consciousness.

A new generation, unpolluted by half a century of bourgeois propaganda which mystified for-profit theft falsely elevating it to a supposed law of nature. As the for-profit economy weakens to crisis and collapse this new year, the old lies will not suffice, the old con-job will be exposed.

The search for an alternative not-for-profit mode of producing humankind's needs is already under way. Destructive competition will be out, collaboration and co-creation will become the norm, and with any luck, we may save the planet from the 1%. So let's get on with it. The co-operative co-construction of an authentic worldview is a communal project, a continually deepening harmonic exploration of dialectical contradiction as it presents in historic development will overcome the stale stupidities of formal and fixed thinking.

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Jonathan Turley's article provides a balanced scholarly review of the de facto legal scenario to which the political establishment has delivered itself. Sadly, most subsequent commentators do not follow his lead, preferring to remain stuck in ancient trivia. Not even the ones with which I very largely agree. In my view there is a lot more than meets the eye at first reading. And new questions have arisen out of a plethora of contexts referenced, all of which will be determinant as necessary historic development unfolds.

The modern state evolved out of Empiror Constantine's wily invitation to the leadership of the new Christian subculture (which he had persecuted to little avail) to become his empire's quasi- civil service. On the condition they would support him in future and take his bribes, staying schtum about his corruption. Hence the transformation of Cannon Law into Civic Law and its partisan developmental history down to this day in its many forms and contents.

Law - the legal framework by which a minority within a class society can enforce their will and rule over the majority, has grown and transformed down the ages ever since, serving the Feudal State with its supposed Devine Rights, and transforming itself into an ideological aspect of the theory of the Bourgeois State as a new ruling class usurped sovereignty.

These latter arrangements are the substantive matter of Mr Turley's timely discourse. The turbulence he describes highlights an uncomfortable truth. The US Federal State's legal framework has today, itself, evolved to become a pro-corporate coercion weapon of capital-owning class rule. There is nothing sacred or absolute about it - as noted in the various possibilities contemplated as options for resolving the present impasse. To try to use Impeachment of a President to curtail the former behaviour of a person who has ceased to be President is - ridiculous. And a distraction!

Here is another illustration of how the whole interconnected fabric of the Bourgeois State is now becoming untenable as its economic foundation stalls functionally and globally. In the UK, the last House of Commons Speaker fought valiantly to protect the Mother of Parliaments from similar assaults, the distraction of Brexit obscuring the substantive issue of class power. And Brexit - after only 18 days, already undermining the economic being of that former empire, US beware!

Even as a new administration endeavors to salvage the remnants of continental America rendered unGreat as much by Trumps many stupidities as by the preceding administration's unflagging for-profit MIC approaches, it will all too soon prove impossible to meet Covid-19 ravaged public needs through old fashioned and redundant profiteering modes. It's over! And, sadly, Covid-19 is real - just ask the hundreds of thousands already bereaved - or try telling the orphaned children of poor underpaid health and care workers!

Real Democracy, a bottom-up expression of shared community needs will be required as a new evolution of the state to repair our social phenomenon. Can you imagine what a new and truly democratic state might be like? That's what we all have to do - as soon as we move on from erroneous trivial distractions. Imagine what a real and equal democracy would be like. And then, of course, practically build one. Mr Turley's review of "the story so far" is a very good place to start. But we must all learn how co-create the next chapter respectfully together. - well, the intelligent ones ....

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Without a yardstick, how can anyone measure and/or assess anything? Looking at electronic media as a thing in itself is one thing, but trying to identify and understand the full implications of its dynamic intervention in society, trying to grasp its forms and their differing contents is quite another. Lazy thinking which refuses to go beyond mere appearance is time-wasting.

The fact of digital communications has altered the relationships between individual people. In other words, it has become a new moment in social sharing and exchange. Our capitalist society functions as best it can with a predication that all things must fulfill the market diktat of profitability. But this limitation inhibits and contradicts the role of information exchange as a mode of human communication and social being.

In the context of the fragmenting function of globalised capitalist process as debt burden saps material value from productivity (leading to the volatile condition of financial interaction and being)this has serious implications for the functional survival of digital business. As the article notes "It’s no accident that Facebook alone lost some $47 billion in market cap since the Trump ban."

As aspects and assets of human social behaviour, digital media exists as a public good, and its continuation as a private profit property now creates a fresh contradiction within its being. The clear implication of this is that such a resource must become a public good, democratically managed for the common good.

This is the dialectical contradiction which is the essence of the unfolding digital story. private property as a form now inhibits responsible development and use of these wonderful technological resources. And this brings us to two questions which must be addressed and understood - and synthesised into an alternate worldview.

In particular, the fact of the inability of the capitalist mode of production and exchange to effectively move forward to new forms of socially owned and commonly managed not-for-profit corporate structures. This has revolutionary implications in as much as it requires new thinking and practice to overcome the emerging business collapse.

In general, the futility of old fixed thinking which remains incapable of grasping the many-sided interconnections between the differing and increasing failures of a mode of thought 400 years old and unable to visualise new realities. Trump sits in the arena of delusion precisely because his thinking bears little resemblance to the world around him. His blather may be appealing to those who do not want to face new realities, biut they end up looking equally ridiculous.

In as much as the new Democratic administration uses esactly the same failed philosophical methodology, it too, in turn, is doomed to repeat the sins of the ridiculous GOP stupidities.

Resolving the problem of human social advancement demands revolutionary new approaches in the cognitive practice of collective humanity. This, as always, begins with the brave new thinking of individuals, and then requires the co-operative co-creation of solutions adequate to the task of moving on to the next level of human evolution.

It is unlikely that Mssrs Trump, Biden, and their camp followers will engage in this innovative task. But don't worry, their out of date ideas cannot work in the future anyway. Digital technology is the greatest achievement of humankind within the potential of capitalist thinking and being. But to harness its potentials to overcome the destruction of our environment and habitat requires exceeding the limitations of its decaying potential. Those of us willing to think in line with reality have responsibility to do so and challenge the ancient regime with creative thinking and doing.

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All you say is correct Boysie, but Edward Drawde has a point - I'm dyslexic but have a few strategies to train myself to a slight improvement in perception. Writing is still a challenge. But its even harder for me to grasp your meaning in unrelenting full caps!

On your substantive point, yes, self-created concepts of the world are delusional, but we can all learn to interpret reality as it really is, I mean, even I did! the objective external world is the real thing which exists in its ever changing motion, and we cannot intervene in its motion effectively if our cognition is a personal fiction rather than a valid reflection. This is where Pepe and I would disagree.

We must strive to constantly update our worldview in line with its true movement. It's falling apart everywhere now, but the question is why? What are the determining aspects from the plethora of tendencies and energies which interpenetrate driving its motion? And how can I overcome the natural tendency to develop fixed ideas to reflect a moving reality?

Here is where we need scientific approaches to guide the conscious construction of what we experience in human thought as valid ideology. Keep working at figuring it all out and share your conclusions. It will be from the synthesis of our many perspectives that we will construct the true concepts which will help us overcome failing capitalism.

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How sweet and wonderful. Thank you HISTORICVS. Is this the antidote to gullibility? I missed it back in the 70s. And I can't keep a straight face now.

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Colonisation has always justified itself by supremacist ideology. When Britain seized land and expelled native Irish people from it, when White Supremacist WASPs did likewise in America, when Zionists stole the land of Palestine - See the pattern?

Often the ideology is dressed in the pantomime costumes of divisive religious differetniation (how convenient the indemic hierarchical exploitation). Always it denies human equality, is antisocial, savage, and the philosophy is always what the Racist White South Africans named Apartheid, which has become a common noun and a general term clarifying understanding.

So its correct to identify the USA as an Apartheid state on land stolen from First Nations, but there is much more to it if we are to grasp the full significance. Living in 2021, we must pay crucial heed to all the social, political, and economic changes which have characterised diverse human society over the last century, and if we don't we will remain hopelessly confused. Building an authentic worldview which accords with this complex and contradictory reality has to look deeper then surface appearance. This moment in historical development requires proper scientific analysis as we address the reasons and outcomes related to these changes.

The Ruling Class in America, Israel, Ireland, in the Disuniting Kingdom of Great Britain, in fact in almost all political states presently deployed, is the owners of capital. You might like to start referring to them as the Capitalist Class. The French gave us a distinguishing word for them: The Bourgeoisie.

WW1 was fought between the German Bourgeoisie and the British Bourgeoisie - please note both "Royal Families" were cousins. Millions of unrelated human beings were sent out ti fight and die for King and Country. Only it wasn't their country! It belonged to the rival Ruling Class. Today, economic development has created a transnational ruling class (in many, cases like King and Kaisar, they have now cemented their theft with family ties). this has been the objective determination of an economic system based on theft.

Hence, it is with the class analysis of globalised social, economic, and political reality that we must commence to understand the objective nature of our present disintegrating predicament.

The antidote to the great subjective confusion expressed in some comments above is the principle of scientific - and therefor secular verifiable truth which seeks to identify what really is! While the evidence presented in the B'Tselem Paper presents objectively true evidence, I must argue that proper cognition of these truths requires further cognitive work. Changing the political reality demands understanding the class nature of all these power broker, with a view to overcoming their dictatorships.

If we are to change reality, first, we must understand it properly. lets begin by separating church and state in every example. Then proclaiming the human rights of all, hold the present master class fully to account for their savage stupidities. And stop muddying the waters with religious ignorance.

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Josef Stalin, whom I'm quite sure your apparant ignorance of historical truth leads you to regard with disdain also, was not Jewish. He was a Russian Orthodox Seminarian - a Christian who imported the many illogicallities of that "faith" to distort the Marxist theory of original Bolshevism and corrupt its scientific outlook.

You are quite wrong, tapatio! Yes, Stalin became a monster and murdered millions who tried to defend Marxism and its Dialectical Philosophic worldview against his fanaticism, but how many more Russian people were murdered by Hitlers invasion and scortched earth occupation of Soviet territory? Perhaps you might differentiate and enumerate honestly?

And just to correct anti-semitic bigotry, Karl Marx was not Jewish either, but a German Protestant who searched for authentic truth about the world to expose the sort of untruthful mythology you utter. You should be ashamed of yourself for misleading readers. Truth is not a matter of opinion - not even yours - but the reflection of the whole of contradictory reality, whether it fits your preferred myth or not!

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Sloppy thinking, I'm afraid, pesfb!

The first term is actually adopted from the French language: "coup d'état" describing the removal - or even the attempted removal - of an existing governmental establishment. And it usually implies by violent action. There is no implied requirement for an organisational or tidy military structure, only the intent to remove an existing power establishment or state authority.

The earliest use of "Militia" (1590) implied a group with an organisational system of tactics by armed bodies of men, the word coming again from the French: "milice". By 1685 it had acquired additional nuances, including a voluntary citizen army as distinct from a regular professional army. n.b. by the 1640s Cromwell's New Model Army which had commenced as a militia, became transformed into the first structural Military Force of an embryonic capitalist state. It had been transformed from an ad hoc popular (and revolutionary) force into a state coercive enforcer.

By 1777 in the US, the word was also being used to refer to the whole body of men legally amenable to military service - hence "militiaman", but it still retained its original English and American English meaning of an auxiliary force.

Mr Cunningham would appear to know all this quite well, but I am not familiar with Trump Derangement Syndrome as the medicalisation of a political tendency. Sadly, some of those who follow or support Donald Trump's wild and illogical self-serving volatility may well presently remain undiagnosed as having one or more of a wide variety of cognitive disorders. But it is also possible that they are simply just as stupid as the person they have chosen to subject themselves to.

But I remain optimistic that when they eventually learn to think critically for themselves, they will develop their understanding of how society develops, and make wiser choices soon enough. Let us encourage them by thinking correctly and helping them to do likewise. As Mr Cunningham tries to do.

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It is sad to see so many unwilling or unable to bring themselves to examine objective reality in a truthful, authentic, and objective manner. Understanding begins with an objective evaluation of the motion of the external world. In the societal sphere, it is mediated through subjective political activity, and the driving force is economic interest and specifically, in a capitalist society, the ruling interests and ideology of the ruling class.

Distinguishing a certain part of society as the ruling class presupposes the existitence of other classes who do not rule. e.g. the working class - who do the work of producing society's needs. Hence society is composed of rival classes with competing and opposing interests. The Ruling or capital owning Class created the modern state with its administrative forms, legal controls and information distribution and manipulation. Small wonder we are encouraged to take their propaganda as defining reality. It doesn't. But how can we learn to determine truth from fiction? We must learn to practice the skill of critical thinking - researching and identifying what is real.

The wealthy elite maintain their rule (hegemony) through the indelicate pincer movement of physical coercion and ideological domination.

How we choose to look at the world will determine the level of understanding about it which we can achieve. If we choose to limit contemplation to accepting the official dissemination and subjective opinion machine perfected by Dr Goebbels, and now deployed so skillfully by the owners of capital through their embedded media battalion, then we will never see the complex, diverse, changing processes which constitute the historical development of human society, as it really is.

Examining global hegemony as nationalism ignores the reality of the class nature of society - and has wooed unthinking populations into savage wars. But beginning with the analysing class nature of human society quickly clarifies the devious agenda of the nation state (miscalled "deep state" by some) and the class collusion of rival national rulers through their corporate transnational structures.

Finian Cunningham has penetrated these mystifications to reveal living truth so many times, one is forced to conclude that the above criticism of his analyses must result from either a misunderstanding his scientific approach - or a partisan justification of the lies uttered by the embedded media. Whether intentionally or due to naive misunderstanding.

Fixed thinking may try to limit the definition of a "coup", and will fail to grasp the objective circumstances which provoke it, or anticipate its dangerous potential outcomes. Ostrich thinking will no longer suffice, we have come to a transition point in the historical development of our social period. Time for the blinkers to come off.

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The UK's District Judge Baraitser and her intimate connection with the US Military Industrial Complex puts a rare spotlight on the class nature of these states in present global politics. The UK evolved from Oliver Cromwell's 1640's English Commonwealth, the first state in which the owners of capital seized power from previously prevailing Feudal states (typified by the theory of the Divine Right of Kings). They fashioned the new court to express and dictate their new class interests. Innovative but weak, they had to coalesce with the old Royalists to enforce their power over the other social classes and colonial possessions.

Resisting that colonial rule, the American revolution proclaimed a constitution which declared the theoretical equality of all humanity. Reflecting the same class interests and conditioning, this, in practice, excluded women, Native American nations, Black and other slaves - in other words all but property owning white males, the class which were and became owners of capital.

The Capitalist State has evolved for hundreds of years - but its still a capital owners mode of coercion. The United states of America have evolved to become the strongest political expression of this dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. Its as simple as that, and they won't brook any threat to their hegemony. And their state will adapt as required to enforce their rule. Fair play or "justice" doesn't come into it.

Unless class consciousness within the majority population is raised to a level or capacity capable of grasping this class nature of society, the state will ride roughshod over imagined rights of equality or freedom of expression. As has happened in our time. USA/UK statehood is threatened by Mr Assange's exposure of their crimes against humanity including implicitly against their own populations budget bias against public service interests etc.).

In their time, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal all dispensed with the niceties of supposed democracy evolving murderous regimes and ideologies. And when the US collected the cream of NAZI state terrorists, having shared in the military defeat of Fascism across Europe, incredibly, they adopted their ideology installing the lying MaCarthyite Show Trials, and so much more - their shameful support for Fascism across South America has been particularly reprehensible!

So no one who understands reality should be surprised at the criminal collusion of the American State and the British State (which framed up the Guildford Four and Maguire Seven to name but two, and routinely killed Irish Hunger Strikers from the 1920's onwards) try to manipulate the incarceration of Julian Assange to cause his death. That's what Fascism does.

And the Johnson regime now repeats the foul behaviour of Mussolini's treatment of Antonio Gramsci, imprisoned and persecuted to his death in 1937 for the crime of exposing the truth about Italian Fascism. That's what Fascism is doing again.

The time has come to recognise the rapid changes which are being orchestrated by capitalist states in pursuit of continuing their hegemony. Its time to get real and organise an effective opposition to the stampede to the very far right now under way. Describing reality may be a start, but the real task is putting a stop to this new generation of capitalist Fascists who are intent on wrecking our world.