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Ahh Tom, thanks for the latest update. A very reassuring one, by all accounts. And lovely to see you smile at long last! As we say on the old sod, you're lookin' grand.
Rest, and a good laugh now and then, and I think you might fight this battle every bit as well as you've tussled with the depraved on behalf of the deprived over the years.
So "Sláinte", as we say out jhere on this chilly little island when we wish a good friend "Good Health".

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Intrigued, as suggested, I watched Dr Jenson's little plea. I wouldn't let him treat my cat! And he wilfully hurts and insults the many families bereaved by Covid-19 and its variants, not to mention its deceased victims. But who cares about those losers? The doctor cares little it seems - or for known truths. Does he know about the medical history of the eradication of Smallpox, for instance?

Incidently, he also got Pastor Friedrich Gustav Emil Martin Niemöller's quotation wrong. It opens: "First they came for the Communists, but I wasn't a Communist ..."

I suppose. Jenson, a Republican, couldn't even speak the proper word ... but if one misquotes a distinguished Lutheran poet, one might try to have the courage to quote properly? Or not?

The devious doctor is as inaccurate about the reality he describes, but perhaps that is to be expected from a practicing Republican, anxious to mislead others.

Dear doctor, material reality is the real stuff that exists outside your head - did they not teach you that at Med School? You must follow the material evidence! Not your wild imaginings!

And 300 years of evidence shows vaccination does works. Your fantasies may serve your political deviance, but they remain untrue and they brand you a liar. Sue me if you can prove me wrong, please. I am quietly confident you will not waste your money, for, as your video body language clearly indicates, you know you are lying.

If you wish, you may check out Medical Science in the form of Scientific Psychology. The court certainly will ... And so can any poor sap tempted to follow the devious doctor's dishonest lead.

It's actually easier not to be fooled than to be taken in by a con-man. Go figure!

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Very upset to hear of your illness, Tom. How sadly your energy is missed by us all. I send you a personal wish for a full recovery, knowing that will require both rest and care - and which an active mind may find a little frustrating at times. But place your trust in the medical team working for your well-being. And try not to feel irritated at your forced exclusion from the democratic flow of information which your genius has created in this project.

By gathering us and giving voice to our contentious worldviews, you are making a huge contribution to the fight for truth. And by your active example!

You have established a foundation, a tradition of discussing the many strands of perception which constitute the process of coming to understand the moments of our non-linear historical development. And thank you for that.

This shared work has already, and in large measure, countered the poison narrative of misinformation which pours out of the States within the States and their Corporate manipulators. More and more people are becoming alerted to their false conspiracy industry, and are also beginning to learn how to think critically again.

And that is the vital difference you have created. It will, over time, blossom into a social movement, for history's many complex and inter-related strands of perception move dialectically and must eventually coalesce. Hence our collective ability to grasp the relationship between our being and our thought has been encourages by the wonderful energy which your ICH project has facilitated.

So enjoy your rest, enforced though it may be! And try allow your body to heal as it deals with this insult to your health. Although I am not personally a prayerful man, none the less, I send you in my own sincere way, all the energy of my human appreciation, and my gratitude for your honesty and hard work, Tom.

You are one of a very few in a vanguard making a real contribution to human progress and truth through your promotion of discourse for discernment and development. That is the objective measurement of your wisdom and witness.

Keep thinking, smiling, and know that we all appreciate your contribution, just as we trust in your return to the fray in due course. So please let your friends know how you are faring in your new battle, and occasionally scribble a paragraph in these pages.
With friendly greetings and every wish for your recuperation, from Co Wicklow in Ireland.
Frank Hayes

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A most interesting dissertation on how the anti-scientific concepts of racism continue to distort and misdirect intelligent consideration of what is emerging as a core manipulation of knowledge by C21 capitalist state ideology. Thank you for the chance to see it.

But how disappointing to observe the supposedly critical discourse engendered so far rests on exactly the same false logic and uses the same bogus racist concepts.

Firstly, language facilitates the identification of things in the external world - things which can become known to shared human thought. So to misuse terms fosters only ignorance and blocks understanding, rather than helping clarify cognition of the real world.

The antisemitic abuse of Judaism and the implication of monolithic Muslim are, like the Texas Taliban which deprives women of the right to abort, as divisive as the Sharia discrimination of veiling womens hair, face, bodies - abuse of people.

I should make it clear that I am not a religious person - I view the variety of rival fantasies within the bigoted ranks of Christianity as essentially similar to other "faiths" primitive attempts to explain things which were as yet not understood at their foundation. Muslim or Jewish "belief" systems, in my view, have also all been superseded by human scientific practice and learning. If millions of poorly or uneducated people still choose to "believe" these often dogmatic and violent shibboleths, small wonder the ruling capitalist class through its statutory and legal apparatus adopt and use such stupidity to create false divisions in society so as to control thoughtless people.

The trio of bigotry above are intimately related in their origin stories and history, and each threaten some imagined "life" after death as a weapon of fear against those whom they seduce. But science has proven there is no life (in the terms of some continuation of individual thoughtful personality); human cognition is an attribute of human life, a function of human intellectual practice increasingly understood by those willing to pursue the study of such understanding.

The class nature of human society has been well understood for two at least centuries, and it has facilitated a great leap in the comprehension of the relationships between the component parts of our material world. In deepening our cognition of how these relationships between the historical development of different aspects of our general social existence (e.g. economic processes; social consciousness; individual cognitive behaviour, political theory; environmental conditionas of habitat etc.) we have made the choice to place verifiable evidential observation before the cognitive dissonance of superstitious fairytales (at least many adults have).

I find it sad that Jewish people AS A GROUP are singled out because a number of them are part of the irreligious class of capital owners who exploit the labour of human society. The same trick has been played in Northern Ireland and the Southern Republic of Ireland for a century, now. All this nonsense has produced in an unending parade of coffins, the stupidity of hatred, and a barrier to intelligent investigation and reasoned thinking.

Guest may not realise that comment above would be regarded as hate speech in Ireland. Or maybe (s)he knows it very well. In either case, one can only deplore such an effective barrier to intelligent reflection of the world beyond thought.

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Or, in other words, a thoroughly capitalist enterprise, dispossessing people - and whole peoples - of the fruits of their labour.

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Here here!

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Rather harsh, Boysie. But I can see where you're coming from. The fact is that people make a choice about what they choose believe. The "people" might also make a choice about what they choose to understand! And the difference is, in my view, crucial. Belief is subjective guesswork, while understanding has its roots in the objective world beyond individual thought - in reality! It requires proofs of evidence. This has been suppressed in the USA since the Operation Paperclip Brigade commenced their Homeland Goebbelsian Stupification Programme at the conclusion of the USSR victory in the European theater of WW2.

Many, many years ago when television first came to Ireland, it became a novel new experience for my generation. With it came The Dukes Of Hazzard. I and my friends laughed and discussed each week's show, but soon we were laughing at it rather than with it. Could the people of this great US super-nation really be that stupid? Were the gormless ideas expressed as Americam "culture" actually be so inept? So disconnected from the real existence of social humanity? We hadn't the words then to grasp the contradictions of the disconnected naïvetés, but we were soon to learn.

By the time the farmers and workers of Viet Nam threw out the mighty American War Machine, we were learning even sharper answers. Now, as the farmers and workers of Afghanistan throw out a new generation of sucker cannon fodder, it seems the real truth may even be dawning on the confused minds of American farmers and workers - at long last. But they've still quite a way to go.

All the many perspectives which grapple individually with various aspects of "The Decline" in today's essays may be true to a greater or a lesser extent, but these are individual contradictions which need to be brought together as parts of the greater whole. History moves dialectically. Its internal contradictions modify and change it, and so do those of the prevailing economic system.

Human thought moves in a process of developing a thesis, finding another and contradictory concept or antithesis, and uniting these opposites into a new synthesis - thereby deepening our thought concepts.

"The Decline" is first, foremost, and in its immense complexities, a systemic decline. The Captialist mode of production has also been in a process of historic development, reaching its apex in 1971 as Nixon was forced by its contradictions to eliminate the Gold Standard, as I and others wrote at the time.

In the half century since, its many contradictions have sharpened in every aspect of its existence: economics, political power, social class conflict, etc. And only now it seems, is the American population beginning to move on from a Dukes Of Hazard mentality. I welcome it, having waited more than half a century to see this day. Join the revolution, my American friends. Together we will change the world by learning how to dispossess the ruling class and its foul ideologies, deepening our understandings of its devious manipulations.

These honest attempts to grapple with the objective realities of global social history in a contemporary global context are wonderful to behold in this current batch of opinions at ICH, Let us go even deeper into the journey of understanding.

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The "official" inquiry referred only to the building materials, structure and their combustion data, while ignoring the aircraft materials and theirs. Have a look at the properties of aluminium and the critical moments in its transitional behaviour up to the temperature of liquefaction - and in particular, the explosive properties at this temperature.

Herein lie the real weaknesses of that investigation, which render its findings meaningless. There is no need to enter the fantasy land of conspiracy theorists - all you need to do is look at the real facts ("the facts, the real facts, and nothing but the facts"). How an educated population can be so suckered by Goebbelsian mistique is a mystery to me, Wake up muddle-class America.

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For profit pharma, for profit medicine, for profit wars, for profit legal system, for profit media.
Of course, the for profit system could never be the problem.....
The problem is the reluctance to admit that abolishing the failed for profit system is the answer. But that would mean new thinking, developing alternative conceptions of how human need can be met by collective collaboration, and retrieving the stolen wealth from the hoarders of the gilded elite. And taking that initiative takes courage and equality.
The future will never be a return to the past. We must construct a viable society in harmony with natures needs also.

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A well made point Marten. Is there a difference?
Subjected to impartial assessment based on their aims and objectives, call it class analysis if you prefer, all these capitalist states have worked in harmony to protect their class interests, profiteering and hegemony.

The UK's MI6 may feel affronted if we neglect to credit their once key roll in protecting the empire. This may now have diminished somewhat, but the Northern Ireland "Military-Social" Experiment conducted by General Sir Frank Kitson, the Falklands War, and their ravenous participation in the Middle East Capitalist Wars of the Twenty-first Century deserve a mention too.