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If you want to build a good bridge, you do not hire a biblical scholar. Looking towards a much translated and manipulated, ancient and superstitious collection of primitive concepts about the world will not tell you about the physical characteristics or the dimensional limitations of the stuff you might use to carry a road across a chasm.

We live in an age where the proven and evidential knowledge of what and why the world consists of sensually perceivable concrete objects has become transformed into scientific knowledge. And so it is to engineers and scientists that a sensible person will refer when seeking to do something in the real world. Or to comprehend its real constantly changing materiality.

So too, now, with the thoughtful understanding of our human social history and its constant and contrsdictory movement over time. This too has its own laws of development, which we observed and know of, and we do not need to speculate or wishfully think, we have advanced beyond the primitive concepts of religious backwardness of all descriptions. The evidence is all around us. Material existence possesses observable contradictions which struggle energetically in the process of resolving themselves to a higher moment of being, and with necessity eventually winning out. Reflecting this process in mental human thought is also a form of scientific work. And we possess the ability to change the world through its content when acting together - if informed by correct understandings of the historic process.

In this activity, the self-infatuation of "belief" will only hinder rather than help. So what any believer in the Bible or Koran or other outdated work of imagination might think or say has to be taken with a very large pinch of salt. Superstitious opinionation whether Jewish, Christian, New Age Baloney or any other can be no guide to objective reality. We live in a human world and should not take seriously sub-human nonsense in any way any time.

We will construct our future only if we work together in equality, with mutual respect, and free of profiteering as the for-profit economic system collapses in irretrievable disarray. Israel is a capitalist state grounded on a false understanding of the world. It will self destroy in time, but may well incur the fate of Apartheid South Africa soon enough anyway. But basing theories of reality on concepts of the DNA of Ashkenazi heritage, of the inherent breeding of races or nationalities is an insult to human intelligence in 2022.

So put down your holy book and start using your brains please. You might then make some sense of it all.

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In what way might any of your 143 words help prevent the imminent murder of citizens of Odessa, or the destruction of their beautiful city?

I do not understand the purpose of your remarks. My purpose is to highlight the truth about the barbarous inhumanity of the Putin regime - and maybe to contribute to its rejection as an acceptable by the majority of decent humans.

Every child whose limbs or head is blown off, every elderly person who starves in a basement or dies of Putin-imposed thirst asks us to bring an end to his rampage. This is my aim. What is yours Allbootysmellofpnuts?

What do you propose to stop the bloodshed and state murder? Or do you not approve of such an aim?

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Today, Vladimir Putin turns his Stormtroopers on that beautiful classical city of Odessa on the Black Sea. And on its unfortunate, cultured, and liberal citizens. The victims here are certainly not the Fascists alleged by some above as this sordid aggressive brutality explodes.

How can those who have never walked it streets, discoursed with its inhabitants, savoured its hospitality, be so very certain about the script they’ve been fed by those who seek to order their thoughts rather than help them think for themselves? There are none so blind as those who will not see.

Reading much of the discussion above is so frustrating. It bears scant resemblance with the awful truth, and yet well healed prejudices are reiterated carte blanche. Can so many people really seek refuge from the uncomfortable contradictions of emerging reality in these fictional realms of avoidance, superstition, and stupidity? And bluntly, of dishonesty?

So many vacuous opinions... So many unsubstantiated assumptions ... So much naked hatred! How might this imbalance be redressed?

A person with an opinion about everything – but a deep understanding of nothing – is a fool. It may have escaped the attention of some learned contributors, but we entered the age of science some centuries ago. Scientific method: a worldview embracing concepts based on the verified assessment (proofs) of valid objective observation!

Science differs from myth in that it uses actual verifiable living evidence to base its concepts upon. Myth uses vulgar hearsay, cute invention, ultimately - convenient lies (quite consciously and odiously) and the suppression of inconvenient truths.

When I first suggested we should all Question Everything in these columns (I saved the original reference for my own grubby satisfaction) I meant "everything" - including verified concepts which may have become invalidated by changing circumstances and new scenarios, or by a deepened understanding of something now more fully understood.

This is the mode of existence of human knowledge which deepens and may often become transformed into its contradictory opposite over time. You have to "think" to keep up. You have to base your concept on the most adequate and recent excursion into collective consideration - and most importantly - ON TRUTH!

There is so much which breeches honesty among much of the prejudicial opinionation widely touted above. This abandons rational sanity and steps back decades (at least) in terms of what we “know” and why we “know” it.

And then, quoting Biblical nonsense as if it had reason or rationale , or the shallow political prejudice of axe-grinders like Solzhenitsyn is no substitute for scientifically framed creative human thought.

Now, not for one single moment would I deny Solzhenitsyn had an excuse for his prejudice - but he might have made a greater difference if he had grounded his responses to the injustice he suffered on some reasonable and rational relationship of scientific truth. He could have refuted the Stalin Cult, the cruelty of its advocates, and its inhuman filth with greater effect if he had exposed what it really was and is.

Compare his ego-driven bitterness with the rational political refutations of the Italian social scientist and thinker Gramsci. In the long run, Solzhenitsyn's anger will contribute little to the deepening of the world's human understanding of our shared and developing social history, the context of our plight.

Gramsci grounded his opposition to both Stalinsm and Fascism (two sides of exactly the same worthless coin) in the solid scientific appraisal of the movement of class consciousness as the driving forceful contradictions of social historical development.

Until we learn to do the same, we are doomed to perpetuate our shallow misapprehensions of why we produce new Hitlers, Stalins, Putins, and their class warrior likes. So little of the opinionated vulgarity paraded above resides in any verifiable assessment of reality as such.

Such are the fruits of the Operation Paperclip rejection of FDR's New Deal, and their subtle import of the ideas of the Third Reich into mainstream American political discourse. The new orthodoxy of American Individualism - most notably voiced by Margaret Thatcher's idiotic repetition: "There is no such thing as society"; now dominates the entire ideology of the New World Order.

What abounds is the philosophical methodology of subjective idealism, perhaps the most backward and ignorant postulation of medievalism as it exists today.

Can we return to rational engagement with the substance of the historic break-up of the bourgeois order - which is now on-going? To a shared endeavor to attempt to understand the real contradictions of its painful disintegrations, and how we might overcome them?

Putin and Biden both represent the interests of the global class of wealth-owners whom they each serve politically in their different competitive ways. Not to mention the inarticulate idiot in London!

The immense potential value of these columns may again be realised when all this nonsense is set aside. Please?

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Joseph Goebbels was correct about one thing: Tell a really big lie to ignorant fools often enough, and they will begin to believe it is true. That's easier than thinking bravely and honestly to confront the myths peddled by The Goebbels Disciples.

What we are living through is the breakdown of an economic system which, after four centuries of violent competitive thieving from the society which produces all wealth and value, is now crippled by its own immense debt. This has been created out of its own contradictions, its very modus operandi. And capitalism doesn't work any other way - whether its waving a US or a UK or a Russian flag of convenience. It's own laws of development are known and understandable - even for those who resist the struggle to understand them.

Its these contradictions within its own intrinsic functioning which give rise to booms and busts, and have have reached the moment of their systemic self-destruction. Study a little economics, or better still, study the science of political economy and learn how these historically developing processes occur. And stop relying on the ignorant prejudices of fools trapped in Hitler's and Mussolini's fantasy concepts.

Today, Putin, Biden, Johnson, these are all just bit players on the stage of historic evolution - which has a time span measurable in decades and centuries, not parliamentary terms or the duration of the regular crashes, recessions and depressions which mark the historical development of this dying system.

But you have to use your intellect to study and understand these real processes. And discard the superstitious nonsense touted by latter-day fascists and angry bigots. But its not just the stupidity of the emotionally driven "opinions" of Mr Goebbels' followers that misleads. The whole capitalist owned media distorts reality to prevent people from exploring reality in a truthful way. And it is quite distressing to me to see so much stupidity expressed - not to mention the dirt written by self-confessed Fascists - on these columns which were once the realm of genuine and intelligent discourse.

What Messers Biden and Putin both share is the fact that they are both capitalist leaders of states in competition ( and the ultimate expression of this capitalist competitiveness is always warfare). If you take sides with either of these capitalists, you actually stand against human progress and sacrifice decent discursive civility.

Only when a better informed civil population within either of these states (and every other) rise up and rid themselves of these capitalist opportunists, will humanity learn how to take power into our own hands and build a real democracy where it is the interests of the common people which assume ownership and democratic control of the privatised corporations which are fighting each other for private profit by spilling other peoples blood.

Missing this historic truth leads to the confusion of thinking and misrepresentation of so much of history and current affairs by so many, the many who have yet to learn to think scientifically for themselves and leave aside the propaganda. How long will this learning of valuing truth take?

I don't know, but I do know that until it does happen, Fascists will tell bigger and bigger lies, and fools will "believe" the most outlandish nonsense, and women, men, and little children will die and have their societies destroyed for the sake of stupid "belief" in Goebbelsian Big Lies.

This is the price humanity must pay for resisting truth and grabbing at hysterical fictions. Its time for intelligent humanity to grow up. If you have the courage to face down Fascism - which is the inevitable shape capitalism has always taken when it grows desperate, we can achieve this historic task.

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It is important not to loose sight of the objective processes driving this new capitalist war.
The $300Trillion indebtedness which blights the global money system renders the capitalist mode of political economy unable to produce sufficient new value to redeem its internal functional necessities. Its bust! Hence the need for war t drive consumption of the commodities produced by the MIC.

That Vlad the Capitalist Oligarch is too stupid to grasp this objective truth - and that he may believe a version of Mr Hudson's postulation of the Jewish Valensky being a NAZI (a preposterous nonsense) only underlines the fantasy nature of his capitalist worldview.

Capitalism, unable to continue its intrinsic exploitation of working people, its thievery of the value they produce in the form of profiteering, enters the period of its historic decline - as we were warned long ago, an era of wars and revolutions.

As conditions deteriorate in every capitalist country, large and small, people will eventually be left with no option but to face the truth. Humanity's survival is now conditional on evolution to a society which consciously conducts its reproductive activities in harmony with nature and on a not-for-profit basis. We may have a bizarre excursion through all sorts of avoidance scenarios along the way (as illustrated above) but what used to be called socialism - before the concept was debased by Stalin, Churchill, and other defenders of the obsolete profiteering mode, is an inevitable next phase as the creation ofnew surplus value become increasingly impossible.

The removal of these mad marketeers and their rentier economic ignoramuses now falls to the younger and fresher hands and minds of a new generation who, hopefully, will prove less prone to grasp at nonesense avoidance fantasies (e,g, Modern Monetary Theory etc.) and focus on the objective truth of a collapsed economic mode as the driving force towards World War Three.

The competing pro-capitalist oligarchs and henchmen Vladimir Putin, Boris Johnson, Joe Biden, Scholl and Macron and so on belong to a previous era and in the history textbooks. The sooner the people of each country put them there, the sooner we will have peace and human happiness again in a world focused on real human need and not minority rentier greed.

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Dear Globafooling, thank you for your replies, but you don't fool me! And I do not fear your implied threat either! In Ireland we have lived with much worse for very much longer.

I know from your earlier comments and attempts to construct a rational reply that you are irritated by actual reality when it contradicts your self-created mental prejudices and fantasies, but I must correct your misinformation.

The city of London is not an independent jurisdiction but a city within the capitalist state known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UKGBNI). (The "NI" refers to six counties of the island on which I live which remains "legally speaking" British to this day. As you don't seem to understand the concept of statehood or what is meant be the word "state", may I offer you help. There are many good dictionaries and encyclopedias published in America (where I must presume you reside pushing absurd untruths for the CIA and MIC establishment to thwart democracy on behalf of the billionaire ruling class and their attack-dogs) most of which would help you understand the realities of the status quo body politic. Armed with a new understanding of the concepts and words which seem to confuse you, you might begin to understand the world as it really is, and replace the concoction of nonsense which seems to form the base of your ruminations.

Education is a great thing, it separates the nonsense and prejudicial from the actual record of what occurs in the real material world - and it helps us update the redundant concepts rendered erroneous by changing circumstance. But of course, I must respect your right, if you wish to persist in uttering foolishness, untruths and inaccuracies. (But you may not be taken too seriously by educated people.)

The Queen is not a "so called" anything, but the present monarch of the realm of the above mentioned capitalist state. Any reputable history book will fill you in on how that all came about and how the capitalist revolution was so weak at first, it needed to call on the services of the older Feudal Regime - but again, I respect your right to remain ignorant about all that if it's your preferred choice - with however, one caveat: I (and perhaps a few others who prefer the actual truth) will often have to take the trouble to correct your misapprehended lies with a more authentic presentation of the honest truths.

You might have noticed that the present Lord Mayor of London (Mr Sadiq Khan) recently opposed the corruption rife within the Metropolitan Police Force (a racist, misogynistic and often thuggish body) and effectively forced the current Commissioner to resign. But also please note he did this within the legal framework of the UKGBNI - not on the basis of some "Independent Jurisdiction" or fictitious "state" of the City of London!

Now, that just happened last week, received widespread media coverage, and there is no excuse for not understanding the very basic facts of the matter which have been well rehearsed in public.

Cromwell (I presume you are referring of Oliver rather than Sir Thomas) did not take "certian steps to readmit these people into the kingdom some years ago". It was not until after he was well dead that the embryonic and weak post-revolutionary capitalist state coalesced with the old Royalist faction if had defeated in the English Civil War to re-intorduce a feudal heir thus creating the world's first Constitutional Monarchy. That post-revolutionary state was a republic at the time and no longer a Kingdom of any sort until after the restoration.

In fairness I should mention I enjoy your literate style and use of prose and vocabulary, but what a pity you don't use it to promote accuracy. You really don't understand what you are talking about. So I an left with a choice. Your slipshod treatment of truth might indicate the typical angry prejudice of an barbaric Fascist who prefers to propagandise his convenient lies - or is it all just the blather of an angry ignoramous spoiling for a fight?

Why do you spurn the logical alternative of transparant truth? Why do you deliberately misrepresent the well-known historic flow of events to try make them fit your daft prejudices? I must confess, I do not understand this.

But then, you seem to admire Josef Goebbels who, a century ago, perfected the art of political lying to bolster the Fascist State which murdered six million Jewish people of Europe and millions more Polish people, Gypsies and other minorities which Hitler the murderous monster hated. I hope your are not a Holocaust Denier, Globalfooling? You couldn't be that stupid?

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Excellent points, well made, Eddy. Even the gullible in Europe are aghast at the stupidity of Antony Blinken (net worth $10Million) and Joe Biden, not to mention Boris Johnson and Sir Kier Starmer (his Pink Tory alter ego. They've told more lies on this excursion into fantasy then their forebears concocted to invade the middle east!
And how inauspicious to mention the jailing of Navalny while still illegally confining Julian Assange in Belmarsh Prison! Cats calling kettles black? A "free" press which lets its own rot in jail? There's a lot to be done as we start to straighten the score twisted by Globalfooling and his devious fellow travellers.

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Aha, things become clearer. You are another anti-socialist counter-revolutionary incapable of distinguishing between the murderous Josef Stalin and the real revolutionaries who worked to create socialism in 1917. A defender of Capitalism (a political economic mode now in fatal decline). Stalin liquidated millions of them just as Hitler murdered Jews, Gypsies, non-Aryans andanyone who opposed his barbarism. By conflating these two dialectical opposites of historic development you illustrate you ignorance of historic development which explains your culpable inaccuracies. Go learn your history - or ask someone who lived through it to tell you what really happened and explain logic to you.

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I have no idea who you really are, but your comprehension of the events of rampant Fascism, still in the living memory of,many, is naive at best, and willfuly dishonest to say the least. Why yo choose to defend Fascism is for you to explain, but perhaps you are American and adopted the codes and political dispositions of Fascism after the USSR defeated NAZIism in Europe, as promoted by the Operation Paperclip far right of what became the Military Industrial Complex.

History is movimg on, and the writing is on the wall for the perverted CIA disinformation machine which you seem to espouse Globalfooling. You are fooling no one but yourself. Even the widely miseducated Americana is now retrieving a sane understanding of the MIC manipulations of reality (particularly the bright and intelligent new generation of Americans waiting in the wings for the obscene establishment). I urge you to consult reality before you make a fool of yourself again,

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Eloquently and accurately put, Mr Smythe. But don't be tempted to underestimate the capacity of poor, hungry, and angry people to change their minds and change thjeir circumstances, as "supply chains" disrupt their comfort and/or Friedmanite incompetence further undermines a broken system. All things come into being, enjoy a lively and contradictory existence, and come to an end - their energies changing form and unfolding into new possibilities.