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Is it no in the papers because you didn't put it there:-).
There are some decent newspapers who will give the people of our country a chance to have their right to hear what the BNP workers have to say.
The Shropshire Star is a pretty heroic paper as I know the NUJ put pressure on all papers to follow their line.
If you would like to write to our paper its
starmail@shropshirestar.co.uk they will give everyone a chance exactly as it should be in a democratic country as this should be.

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I am really surprised they didn't learn from the result of the Question Time fiasco! Everyone who wants a free vote or in fact freedom of any sort will be sitting at home fuming that Trevor Phillips, The Times and all the string pullers for the Communists are trying to stop OUR freedom.
They should know the sort of effect this behaviour will have on ballot papers!! If we can ever get near enough to mark them!
What is wrong with these people particularly Gordon Brown.. he's so not wanted most people hate seeing his miserable dirty looking face pushing its way into the TV scenes.
Trevor Philips et al are launching a personal attack on every voter trying to force us to vote only for those of whom they approve. Every time I see him he gets more like Mugabe

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Does anyone from this website write directly to UKIP recognizably and ask them to explain to a hovering voter just how they believe their immigration policy will work in any way differently from the one w complain about at the moment?

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This is no surprise to me as never mind Shylock cutting out Antonio's heart I am quite convinced the supporters of the BNP would cut out their own hearts to provide an appropriate response to the situation in this country! I notice those I know are extremely clever at managing their own domestic affairs!.

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Just heard from a new BNP supporter Anjim Choudary gets £25,7740 in benefits as opposed to a front line soldier who gets £17,000 per annum.
This is utterly disgusting. I think all our locals should, know about this and also the people of Wooton Basseti

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I am afraid that Gordon Brown id far too bust worrying his evil head about what mischief he cn create in the Yemen to worry about anything going on herre.
To stop atrocities in this country they need to build fortress Britain... a nice big wall like mr Hadrian had! We sho;ld be able t supply all the food needed by the British because before long we're going to be running out of food and water at certain times of the year.
Information re the war years tell us that enemies were trying to starve Britain into submission. We have help in that w have a moat (!) rright round us never mid going out to the yemen Afghanistan and Pakistan etc stay here bring them home and make them homes rounf the cast.
Wewshould be copying David Lloyd George who I believe coined the pjrase "Homes fr heroes afte the first world war This government should give each family who had fighting members a house of their own

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Oh Oh don;t know! You only have to be born female to be executed in China don't you? We've seen pictures of baby girls being kicked about in the gutters (must have been the Mail)
There's more than oe sort of death Is Gordon Brown seriously going to end Gary the Hacker to a prison in the USA. Death by a housand cuts I would have thought.
Anyway they will only have swapped the drug dealer's life for someone else because don't the pateints with deteriorated body partrs buy tose of the killed criminals?

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AND Maggie showed the world what she thought of Asian immigrants
cominf in hewre taking all the council houses! What happened to that sort of common snse i the Cinservtive party?
Mr Whitelaw entered the debate, suggesting to the prime minister that refugees were a different matter to immigrants in general.

He said that according to letters he had received, opinion favoured the accepting of more of the Vietnamese refugees.

Lady Thatcher responded that “in her view all those who wrote letters in this sense should be invited to accept one into their homes," the minutes disclose. :-) :-)

Don't even joke about it. Don't for goodness sake put any ideas into their heads Our parents and grandparents were forced to take in all sorts of people during the war too. My mother and father had Prime minister Callaghan's mother living with them.. I know.. her hat box marked "S.C" was in the nursery getting in the way of my teddy bears.

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Zeek... I am not sure whether you're talking to me or not. I have started way back in the history of modern Britain
Taff Vale Railway in the signal box at Abercynon. ..... designed, men uncoupled wagons by getting up on the buffer stocks, straddling ...
hwj.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/reprint/1/1/26.pdf""" INFO Google
I've had to start at the death of Queen Victoria because I didnt do modern history only ancient Grek/Roman/Egypt etc. I have certainly had an awakening the men from this era (The Victorian era) had such a lot of zip and go.
I am sorry to see the story of the march of the Muslims through Gwent because I fear they haven't understood the Welsh character which does have a boiling point
I've got" Red Andy's" boxed set of DVD's The Making of Modern Britain and The History of modern Britain and I am much amused to see just how much he's making sure I will be voting BNP He's so left leaning! But you can't help being inordinately proud of the men and women who went before us ad you can't help feeling you want to do all you can to protect the heritage they stood guard over for us.
Sorry this is south Wales and not England! I believe the agreement that was arrived at at that time was only in Welsh too

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Congratulations and good luck.
In trying to catch up with the knowledge everyone else has who supports the BNP I am having a lovely time aghast at the swift progress our country made once it started going without the airstrocrats. Our forbears had to struggle so hard against "gaunt starvation".in a way it must have been easier for them because there were no modern watching devices for instance the South Wales Taff Vale railway people managed to grease the railway lines and uncouple all the waggons. I bet they could n;t hve achieved such a feat now with all the everlasting watching and spying. There's always something for us to smile at I hadn't heard about that before, the Taff Vale stunt but we are not so starving as they were, without proper medication for any ills they may have suffered.
I've heard it said that the BNP is not afraid of hard work but more, they're not afraid of anything else as far a I can see.
The latest Muslim/ Detroit plane terrorist episode reminds us that that the BNP especially should always be aware of just how these people would delight in causing some atrocity in this country and we know you city dwellers of the BNP go where angels and Police fear to tread!
Best of luck.