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Funny, for me it's the World Party's song that I can't get out of my head.

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Worse! They were Peruviating in a No Mexican zone. Probably while speaking Latin.

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Thank your dear fluffy Lord that Fox News doesn't count Catholics as Christians or all of those London bombings would be problematic.

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How about the Protection of Marriage and Family Amendment Against Their Greatest Threats:
- A complete ban on no fault divorces
- Adultery becomes a federal crime
- No person committing Adultery may hold elective office and loses their right to vote

Watch how fast that weeds out the wingnutters.

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I agree, much more of a fish symbol guy.

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...and they don't even matter under Republican Vice Presidents.

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Revenues roll. In. Expenditures roll out. No explanation.

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It's too bad that there is only one State in which you can buy Aetna or United Healthcare or any of the other national health carriers plans.

Oh, or was Boehner trying to make some point about the best way to right-size the Federal Government is to make sure States do not have the right to regulate insurance companies?

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Hmm. Dismantle the legal structure for property rights. Oklahomans may want to confer with the prior residents on how well that might work out.