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Hold on to your waifus, he might still be able to steal them through the screen.

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Don't think Pinkie has autism. It's more ADHD.
Rarity is a secret dominatrix prostitute, like Irene Adler from BBC's Sherlock.

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As somebody who has OCD, Twilight has very strong OCD. Other people don't have to always see it for it to be there. I see it.

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Coldplay and ponies is always awesome!

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I've been on a few episodes of Storage Wars Canada. I do not play up being a Brony; in fact, nobody on the show knows I'm a Brony at all. I was only on it because my father, business partner, and I have done storage locker auctions for years, long before it was popular.

I have to say, though some things are indeed over-acted, 90% of the show is real. The bidding and the items are real. The acting is done in different takes for dramatic effect.

However, I knew, I just knew, years ago, that they would do a Brony episode. It was only a matter of time. So happy they did it well. Glad it was Brandi and Jarrod, as I love those two.

My latest locker I got had about 2,000 books, a bunch of them being from the 1800's, and I only paid $375 for it. Many classics, like Homer's Iliad in original Greek.

Just hoping to give some inside info on the show ^.^

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Seriously, who cares? Why does everybody get so excited over references in MLP or references to MLP? There are shows that are made solely based on references because their writers are too crap for original content.

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It really depends on what you mean by that question... can mean something really different from what I'm thinking...

Always loved the ponies, always will. So hooves. EG and RR were good movies, but ponies are adorable and ponies are what I watch the show for.

But I have to admit, nerdy human Twilight at the end of Rainbow Rocks was darn adorable.

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Soooo many cuties!

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Hasbro, they're onto us :O
They know we like socks...
Not too sure about the gothic and body paint though. I hope that won't be a design in season 5...

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I'm never good enough for Equestria Daily, so I might as well not waste my time :/