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Daaaaamn son.

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"What's Up" is actually a song by 4 Non Blondes from the 90's. The he-man video is an alternate version of it. xD So I can't take all the credit for making it peaceful and beautiful, the original artists did that.

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It's classic fandom drama, no big deal. Archie and I had beef and now fans take sides. I was upset because someone thought I was a jerk, but now it seems like it just came across that way because Archie said I was. And, from his point of view, I probably look like one. Oh well.

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I suppose. Again, I didn't create it, but I do defend the melody because Elspongie presented it to me well before Villo came out. Even if there's no proof, I know it was somehow a coincidence. So in reality Elspongie can't prove much, and neither can Archie, but no one really cares at this point. It's not worth causing a big debate and possible legal case over a song from 2012. The point here is that I didn't mean to accuse Archie of being in the wrong, I only ever meant to say that I wasn't responsible for copying and I truly believe that the whole thing is a weird coincidence and misunderstanding.

And no, it's not up on YouTube due to the fact that I usually don't upload all of the songs from an album, only the more popular ones. That one wasn't too popular and it was a touchy topic with the similarity to Villo, so I never uploaded it.

The song is a trainwreck anyway, Elspongie doesn't exist anymore, and Yelling At Cats and I have split ways forever, so really the song is dead and gone. The situation is over and done with really, and if Archie ever comes at me with a demand to take it off my website I'm more than willing to. I wasn't involved directly in this situation at any point, but I do want you and everyone to know I'm not unwilling to fix it if it's an issue.

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As I have explained many times over, to many different parties, I didn't even write the melody for Bring Me Back to Life. It was written by elspongie. However, Elspongie wrote this in 2010 (proved by the creation date in the FLP file) so it IS a coincidence. I don't blame archie for stealing it, because the song wasn't even out when Villo came out, but we DID write it before he wrote his. Songs sometimes sound the same, and especially when we're both using generic swedish house melodies. It's not unbelievable that we just chose the same tune to write.

I NEVER meant to accuse Archie of stealing, because I truly do believe both he and Elspongie wrote the melodies separately. But in the end, I don't have a place in this war, as I wasn't involved in the melody creation in the first place. I just wrote the lyrics and sang the vocals, as well as put in some production tweaks.

TLDR: I didn't write the melody, and the guy who did wrote it before villo came out. I'm not arrogant, just defending myself when I didn't steal anything.

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When have I ever been rude and disrespectful? :/ Or arrogant for that matter. I'd kinda like to know where you're drawing that opinion from.

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My music is never safe. >:D

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Tarby, 4EverfreeBrony, myself even... We have a few rock artists here and there. xD

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The fact that I'm biased aside, this is a really good review of some of the best brony music from 2013. If you haven't been keeping up with the music scene actively, here's a good chance to see what you missed. Also, #1 was totally deserved.

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Ah, J. J. Abrams would be proud.