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Mom: "Isn't that a girl's show?"
Me: "Yes."
Mom: "Cool."

Be jealous. :D

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So, nobody's going to mention that Pinkie casually remarked that Marble Pie is only a few minutes younger than her? That either means she is actually an adopted cousin or Pinkie's twin. Weird.

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If they got their Cutie Marks by realizing they can help others figure out their talents, then they technically should have gotten them by helping Trouble Shoes earlier in the season. What the heck?

Edit: They didn't dedicate themselves to helping others figure out their talents at the end of the Trouble Shoes episode, so I guess that's a good excuse. It was only when they dedicated themselves that they got their cutie marks.

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Why isn't this episode on Google Play yet?

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Question: Why the heck doesn't Google Play have Rarity Investigates yet? I switched from iTunes to Google Play precisely because Google Play got Canterlot Boutique up before iTunes. Now it's the exact opposite with iTunes getting Rarity Invesigates before Google Play. What gives?

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When is iTunes getting last Saturday's episode? Usually it comes Mondays, but it hasn't come yet but it's on Google Play!

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Uh, why is Fluttershy not fear?! I mean she's the obvious choice for it!

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Wow we just keep visiting the story of Nightmare Moon over and over don't we?

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So? Celestia could have lowered the moon herself prior to confronting Luna, but Luna kept raising it back in defiance to Celestia. Hence her line, "you must lower the moon" meaning assume your responsibilities again.

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I'd like to point out that in Twilight's potion-induced flashback we simply saw the moment Celestia confronted Luna. What Luna did before that is a mystery. In fact, I propose that it was BEFORE this confrontation that Luna made the night eternal and inflicted suffering. When Celestia found out, she confronted Luna and it was at that point she transformed into Nightmare Moon. Yeah I know the book Twilight read at the very beginning of the series says she turned into Nightmare Moon before Celestia confronted her, but remember books can get details wrong. There you go, my headcanon.