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I'm not much of a reader, so I don't know too much about this book. I know people who've read it, most of them enjoyed it. But I'm really getting tired of all the zombie movies that keep coming out. Give it a rest already! Stop making zombie movies for a couple of years, and then go back to it and it will feel fresh.

Just take a break. Start doing werewolf movies.

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It'll probably be an okay movie, but I'm not too excited about it. I don't get why everyone is always saying this will be the best movie ever. I read the comic, I thought it was okay. It might make a good movie. But the movie isn't out yet, so calm yourselves until you see it.

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I'm okay with this. I liked the original Thing too. It was very good. But why cant we make another one? If people enjoyed it , they most surely would enjoy another one, right? I don't see what the problem is.

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I'm a little more interested now than I was when Rogen was involved, I can't stand that guy! I really like Adam Sandler. He has proven he can be more serious if asked to be. I don't know much about the Green Hornet, to be honest, but I think this is a good call!

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The predator is a total bad ass! I loved all of the movies, even the two AVP films. I'll take anything with the predator in it. And you are right, Rodriguez is very talented. I love his movies, and I think he can do something special with this project!

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That was friggn hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!

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Love me some Megan Fox! Smoking hot!

Look, she'll be just fine if she wears a super tight white tee and shorter shorts than Jolie did. It's harder to imagine Jolie as a sex symbol than it is for Megan Fox.

I can only hope this ends up to be legit. But I doubt it...

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Okay, so someone over at Marvel could be losing a lot of money, right?

Perhaps that is why we've heard so much about Marvel low-balling everyone they are in negotiations with. Man, I hope this ends up being thrown out of court, or settled for a small amount. If Marvel ends up paying a large sum in settlement, it could really hinder the development of the other films Marvel is planning like Avengers and Captain America. And that would suck. Basically all of their Iron Man money would be gone. That would suck donkey balls!

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I'm willing to put up with the control issues because of the beautiful graphics and the challenge. So few games are actually challenging anymore. I miss the days of having to actually put the controller down and think of a strategy to help me beat some boss, or clear some level. Nowadays it's mostly just mindless nonstop easy gameplay. It turns you into a zombie.

If that happens to you, you should start being more careful. Don't want to get shot. I hear people don't like zombies.

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Patrick Kane is freaking bad a**.

I love the NHL games from EA. They are about as close as you're gonna get to the real thing without lacing up skates. And 09 is rendered beautifully!