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Agreed. I heard The Last King of Scotland was a really good movie and that Frost/Nixon was completely unnecessary, but I suppose that doesn't take away from anything if it was still good.

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LOL How many different movies could you do that to?

"A teenager travels back in time and nearly unravels his own existence."
"An insomniac develops an underground boxing ring to feel complete."
"A working stiff begins to drastically change his life to impress his daughter's best friend."
"A deceased man travels from Heaven to Hell in search of his late wife."
"A widowed husband with short-term memory loss searches for the man who killed his wife."
"A wealthy and confident man meets a woman who sweeps him off his feet before an ex-girlfriend nearly destroys his life."

Can everything, good or bad, be summarized in one sentence?

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Star Wars: A New Hope (originally known as just 'Star Wars') is probably the greatest "space movie" of all time and it's definitely my personal favourite. Star Wars was ahead of its time and made its mark upon history thirty years ago and still, even to this day, more copies of Star Wars Episode IV are sold than there are copies of the Bible. More people can correctly recite the Cantina exchange between Luke and Evazan than they can the national anthem. More people believe a Wookie is lumbering through the Appalachian wilderness and not a "Sasquatch" (cuz those things don't exist). Star Wars touched everyone's naughty bits years ago and has continued to caress our junk, men and women alike, deep into the 21st century.

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A lotta people here have good picks. Of course, I had a couple:

- Nothing from Independence Day? That's the best movie ever! "I gave it a cold."
- Monty Python and the Holy Grail? You said 100 Best Movie Lines - you didn't say they had to be American movies. "We are the Knights who say.... Ni!"
- Freeway? That shit is hilarious! "You're gonna do sex to me when I'm dead?!"
- And why not throw some Happy Days on there? "He's gonna jump the shark!"

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Just like no one will ever see a good Dragonball movie, there will never be a good Spawn movie. Just go get the animated series on DVD at Best Buy. THAT'S worth your cash.

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I don't really care for Futurama that much. I was pissed when Comedy Central took it from Adult Swim, though. Comedy Central didn't even want Futurama until Cartoon Network started airing it.

And I agree - Carlos Mencia's a doucher. You see what South Park did with him on the "Fish Dicks" episode? Hilarious...

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It doesn't take much for me to bust a nut. I'll ask my wife to touch her hair and whoops, gotta change the tighty whities. This poster's cool and the previews (though I've seen it attached to every film I've been to since Coraline came out) are awesome. I hate Coheed & Cambria but that song rocks.

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What, is it a crime if some people grew up reading books as opposed to comics?

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I'd love to take a class and discuss this all day. "The Subtle and the Subliminal in Family-Oriented Animated Films;" the "SEX" dust in Lion King, the erection in the Little Mermaid, and the subtle nods and underlying themes that apparently those of us who are paying attention notice. A very profound piece. Well done.

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They'd have to get someone with 20/20 vision and clear direction if they want the Terminator franchise to continue on. I'm starting to think that they're gonna take the easy way out and claim all the time travelling and destroyed Terminators has altered the future and now, the world will never be the kick-ass, gritty, dark-and-dusty, laser-filled warzone depicted in T2. That was the war with SkyNet I had always wanted to see taken further, but that was in another time. With SkyNet's efforts to change the future through killing Sarah and John Connor, though they never reach their goals, they have still succeeded - and God, the future sucks...