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chill out dude, time will reveal all.. Then when you realise you are wrong, pack up your bags, and move out of your mothers basement, and get a life..

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She's got skills... but that doesn't matter, shes Fine

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MI:3 was pretty good, Maggie Q made me like that film...

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thats only 2 years old..

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After i heard about the Real Life Final Destination story i was like WTF.. So creepy

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Heather Graham will be back, hopefully

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i did read the opening paragraph, but the film viewer did say this is what he believes, which would mean, this is what he thinks sam raimi was trying to show the audience.
I know Sam raimi wouldnt have done this, I GET it, its a film viewers theory, but i can still say it makes not sense.

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When the spirit appears some times, food is no where near her, or anything to do with the scene. Her sleeping in bed, and has a nightmare, nothing to do with food. Her driving do the grave yard and the cloth comes flying in the car, nothing to do with food.

And not too mention the whole exorcism scene where the old lady dies at the end, how is this all an hallucination. Its too easy to say these things are all hallucinations, its a weak theory, and i doubt Sam Raimi would do that in this film.

Nice work on trying to find the link with eating disorders and this film, but i dont think it was reason for all the horror in it.

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This really doesnt make much sense. Her eating disorder was very clear in the film, but i dont think it was the cause of her seeing demons. A few scenes can clearly demolish this theory.

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Thats not R2-D2.... size is completely off scale. Think about it