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Mary, I've been answering every phone call--even numbers I don't recognize...so please, call me, I will answer!!!


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If I won, I'd eat the grapes and then maybe if there were any leftover, I'd make jellies and jams...maybe some wine...


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Let's hope that another Bloggie gets this!!


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The first thing I would do, if I won, is (hopefully) not pass out from sheer shock!!! I don't win anything...Then, I'd inform my husband that I'd won, to pack his swim shorts cause we're outta here!!! Then, of course, I'd be down on the dock relaxing, trying to remember everyone on this blog so to invite them and the DIY crew, and Dylan and his crew for a most amazing cookout/party!!!


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Hi, WCG! It is kinda good news...and I really don't like drama, it just seems to find me...LOL
Megan was looking at vehicular manslaughter, I'm not sure what charges she has now. I agree with you on the "was she or wasn't she" but truth is, she was driving, her friends won't put her behind the wheel. The catch is that her seat wouldn't move forward, therefore, making it difficult to place her behind the wheel. She always sat right up onto the edge so she could reach. Why she never had it fixed, I don't know. I believe --through hearsay -- that she is getting help. Unfortunately, this is something that she will always live with.
My niece, well, drinking was involved. Both people in the car that hit the mini-van my niece was in, were intoxicated. I'm so sorry to hear about your neighbor!! I've tried to instill into my children that texting/drinking and driving is dangerous and that someone could die...so far my kids have either called me from where they are, or stayed there, as for texting, they haven't done that but will answer their phone...:( which I've also said they shouldn't do, important or not.
I hope that your day goes well, I have some things to do today, then I'm going to see the 2014 house...Have a great day!!

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Morning friends!! Hope all are doing great....Hope another Bloggie wins...

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Hello, WCG!! It has been a while...There has been so much happening that I wasn't able to sit and blog with all of my friends! A while back ( during our camera days) I'd had 2 friends that I'd asked for prayers for--one beaten by his son and the other, a dwi that caused death and personal injuries -- the update on that is that my friend Anthony, is out of the hospital, going to physical therapy, remembers everything, but won't be able to go back to work. My friend Megan, has been sentenced to 1-3 years in prison, she got off lightly because she cannot actually be placed in the drivers seat, the other people in her truck won't testify against her.
Most recently, my 15 year old niece was in a head-on collision. Caused by another 15 year old driving the other vehicle. 2 people died in that accident, 6 people were injured. Of the injuries, my niece was the only one in Pediatric ICU. She has a broken left wrist, a broken (in 2 places) collar bone on the right side, 4 broken ribs, massive internal bruising. She has had one emergency surgery to repair the multiple holes in her large and small intestines, and a second surgery to fix her collar bone. She is now home, and when school starts she will be using a wheel chair and a handicapped bus. It was touch and go with her for a few days, but she's a fighter and I'm so thankful that she is still with us!!
On the positive side, I have been working on getting my business up and running. It's a slow process but I'm getting there.

Have a wonderful day!!! :)

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I will have it ready!!! This way I won't miss out on anything...LOL!! :)

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Hello, All! My favorite outdoor space would be the pergola by the grapes...while I am allergic to bees, it would be a nice, quiet spot for reading, or just looking out over the water. A place to enjoy the summer breezes, to sit an reflect on life.

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My favorite outdoor space would have to be the outdoor cooking space. I can sit at the table and read in the shade while enjoying the nice ocean breeze. And my husband would be cooking something fantastic on the grill.