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Anyone that signs on to advertise with Rush Limbaugh knows what he's all about. It's stupid to pull ads based on his opinion. Even if you disagree, Rush has the right to say it. If anything, this will boost his ratings & your ads will be heard by even more potential customers. Shortsighted dimwits

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Andrew Breibart has passed away, yet this guy lives. How is this possible?

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I can't stand Bill Maher, but HBO has a lot of Boxing that I enjoy. But this is too much. I'll find another source to watch Boxing, HBO can kiss my ass.

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I'm convinced these people want to die in a huge war. They see themselves as martyrs defending themselves against a great Satan. These people who make up a small percentage of Iran's population are insane religious zealots who have absolute power over the country. They know they will die.

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If Bale was starring in a film about the Battan Death March, none of this would be an issue. The Japanese killed at least a million Chinese in the the most horrible ways imaginable. I don't see how a film depicting this should bring cries of propaganda. The USA is still making WWII propaganda films of that era.

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A pretty predictable reception. She said a lot of nice things about NASCAR on camera. She liked seeing kids all over, entire families together, blah,blah,blah,blah,blah.

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Sharpy never disappoints.

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I think most people can see through these losers. Their days are numbered, and they know it.

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This guy is still on TV?

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But the economy is going to surge 3.3% in '12. Bring on Sharpton!