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This is where I start eating lunch with my kid.
God help the SOB who tries that with me in the room.

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Laying out the road map to victory for both Iran and the media is a bad idea.

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Florida has a large body of law that protects our right to both own and use firearms, and we have some of the best self defense law in the country.
It wouldn't be very difficult to make a case for shooting guys like this should any more pop up.
Taking steps to carry out an attack like this is a forcible felony.
It Florida you can use deadly force to stop someone committing a forcible felony.

In other words, the government stopping guys like this is great but them not know if the next American they see will be the one who kills them will drive Muslims like this away.
And it's much safer to drive them away than to play cops and robbers with them.

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Clips are what you use to close a bag of potato chips or to hold your hair up, firearms use magazines.
Other than that you are 100% right :)

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We have been attacked 100s of times Mr. Paul.
You're unfit to lead this country.

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This guy is the smartest fool I've ever seen.
He draws too many flawed parallels and totally fails to understand the Islamic world.

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What smug SOB the "moderator" is.

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The nut jobs in CA would have hung him by his balls had he shot one of those scum bags.
Good thing he didn't need to.

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Told you so!
I've said nearly my whole life that we were raising a bunch of unstable wussies who will never be able to deal with real life.
Not keeping score, making everyone feel loved more matter what they do, treating everyone the same while we are all clearly not.
All of these things(and more) have led to a generation of spaced out brats who can't deal with the fact that adult life is full of bad things that we have to face on our own.
America has become the land of the brat and the home of the weak.
We all better pray that enough people have fallen thought the cracks of pop culture and remained stable enough to pick up the pieces after the hippies and hipsters are done throwing their tantrum.

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When I herd the guy moaning I thought he'd be air lifted out of there.
But apparently he's a giant puss given the fact that he was fine, just messed up his rad helmet and got his little short dirty.
Way to live strong bicycle boy LOL!