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Well, Mario and DK have been crossing over in various sorts of games for awhile now, so I guess Monster Hunter isn't too farfetched.
Well, considering there was another image on this site that had someone making an outfit after defeating Mario, I guess it I could actually see this.
However, let's stick with the making clothes out of his shirt rather than Luigi's attempt at this.

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Okay, something was deeply morbid and disturbing here and I want everyone to know that it was not my fault for once!
I mean, different parent companies, and it's more Silent Hill than Resident Evil anyways.
Besides, my sociopathy is cheeky and fun. This sociopathy is cruel and tragic. Which I suppose puts it more in line with actual sociopathy. Evil sociopathy!

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Well, I actually felt from comparison to what I was seeing that the "graduation point" of Dark Souls ramped of the difficulty a lot more than Demon's Souls ever did.
Sen's Fortress did a jump similar to the same jump I went through on accident back in Demon's Souls where I refused to learn magic for World 3 and tackled World 4 instead. However, Dark never made you go out of your way to shape your character like Demon's did. Sure, you needed to get some ranged on you eventually, but it never felt as enforced.
I also felt like running a full level in Dark was just a bit longer than Demon's, but that's probably the hub world vs interconnected issue.

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I got to be mission support for someone playing it. I got to be on the laptop browsing the wiki while they played.
Hey, I did my time beating Demon's Souls on someone else's console, so I wasn't going back into that.

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I think that's fair. By Friday I'll be out of witty comments and retreat back to the hole I stay in when I'm not browsing the Halolz comment section.

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Wow... things got rough around here, didn't they?

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Too late, I already reserved the tickets. I'll be back after I let the demonic town sort out my issues!

See you later, everyone!

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... I have decided how I'm going to fix my life from these images!

I'm going to Silent Hill to work out my issues.

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HEY! Do you even know of the depth to which I sunk back when... I was... employed by Umbrella... I *sniff* did a lot in the field! It should have been one of my works that was the most evil! I should still be evilly reanimating things! It's not fair!

...its not fair...

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That was Alpar's fault though. Besides, didn't Alpar find out that Alpar survived and was living out what his life would have been had he not become Alpar, but he begged Alpar not to tell Alpar, knowing he would bring him back to his life as Alpar?